Tube preamp, remote + tone control for $2,000 max?

Can you suggest models that would fit the bill? I have AVA T7 on my list...but that's about it!
Wyt would you want a tone control? I have a Rogue 99 Magnum for $1475 listed here, but no tone controls. Most of the better stuff dowsn't have tone controls since they degrade the sound. Sunfire (Carver) may have tone controls on it and it's suppose to be good.
Check McIntosh.
Jeffjazz: I believe that the reality of modern recordings and domestic audio rooms is such that tone controls (when of descent quality) are actually improving the audio experience. And there is usually a bypass on good models when they are not needed.

I know it is a sensitive topic that I did not mean to relaunch. A friend of mine believes that ABS brakes and traction control actually degrade the driving experience. On the track, certainly.....