Tube Preamp Recommendations please to partner with Parasound JC-1's....

I would appreciate recommendations from the Audiogon community for a tube preamp with balanced outputs to use with a pair of Parasound JC-1 's.   Having a good built-in MC phono stage is a real plus. 
Looking for something used at less tha $5k. 

Considering a McIntosh there anything else I should consider?
Currently using an Audio Aero Prestige CD with built-in pre amp.  The goal is to improve musicality and add a bit of warmth (better mid-bass).  Speakers are Piega P-10's. 

Recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  
ap_wannabe: I wish I could help, but I continue to use the preamp (with tube output stage) in my Audio Aero Prestige CD/SACD/DAC player with my Parasound JC-1’s. I’ve tried the Mac C2500, but preferred the preamp in my Audio Aero. I hope you enjoy the JC-1’s. They have been great performers for me for a number of years and at their price point, they are terrific.
There's an Allnic L3000 available here for $3700 that retailed for over $10,000.  Audio Beat and Dagogo have good reviews on it and both call it one of the best tube preamps extant.  Sounds like a worthy contender to the pre in your AA.  FWIW...