Tube Preamp Recommendations please to partner with Parasound JC-1's....

I would appreciate recommendations from the Audiogon community for a tube preamp with balanced outputs to use with a pair of Parasound JC-1 's.   Having a good built-in MC phono stage is a real plus. 
Looking for something used at less tha $5k. 

Considering a McIntosh there anything else I should consider?
Currently using an Audio Aero Prestige CD with built-in pre amp.  The goal is to improve musicality and add a bit of warmth (better mid-bass).  Speakers are Piega P-10's. 

Recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  
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Atma-Sphere MP3
EAR-Yoshino 868.
Rogue RP-5 tube preamp,  $3500 new
All excellent suggestions guys. You are fortunate to own an Audio Aero cd player. I have always wanted to demo one.  Which brand(s) of cabling do you use?

Happy Listening!
How about a NEW Herron Audio VTSP-360? No phono stage but maybe Keith Herron will cut a deal for a combo purchase with a VTPH-2. The worst he can say is no.  However, in my opinion, if he says yes, you will have a combo that will be difficult to match for anywhere near the price.
I have had jsny brand name preamps but nine better the the 4P1L
Based tube preamplifier single ended,DHT completely Lundahl transformer based and chokes . If it is on the recording  you will hear it. This us my 2nd one  for under $5k  you grt a hsnd made 
Product using far higher quality parts then the competition 
I compare this with  $10 k  preamplifier and using the Khozmo 
Shunt relay volume, and 4pole Mlyyic  power caps ,and bypassed with Mundorf Silver oil caps.
Thanks to all for your insights. Much appreciated....

jafant: I use Transparent balanced to the amps and Audience speaker cables.  I have not heard many others.  I have really enjoyed the AA for many years. The preamp seems very good. Just always wondering what a separate tube pre would do.  

My current phono stage is an old PS Audio GCPH. 

Audioman58: what brand is a 4P1L that you mention? 
Hmmm. no one suggested an Audio Research preamp? I think an LS27 can be had in that price range but no phono. Or a comparably priced SP model.
Coincident make very affordable tube phono stages. Here's a used Coincident Statement phono stage for $3,800

A review in case you are unfamiliar with Coincident.
I use Transparent balanced to the amps and Audience speaker cables.  I have not heard many others.  I have really enjoyed the AA for many years. The preamp seems very good. Just always wondering what a separate tube pre would do.
In most cases a tube preamp will sound more relaxed and detailed.

BTW the MP-3 suggested earlier is balanced.
I like what the MP-3 has to offer, but regrettably, that’s one fugly looking preamp. But I guess beauty is in the eyes of the owner or manufacturer. 
’Thanks for your recommendation too.
PS Audio BHK
@gerryn different panel finishes are available- anodized black, silver and gold.
Luxman CL-38U w/MM/MC phono and mono switch. $4200 brand new.
Here's one worth a look.  Fully decked out would be about half your price limit, and you could get their top phono pre for another $900 and still have $ left over.

You might email Don Sachs to see if he can add all the features you seek, and I think they offer a trial period which is really nice from my perspective.  Best of luck. 

At your price range it's hard to beat the Mcintosh C2300.  I recently purchased an NOS Mcintosh C2500 on this site and could not be happier.   
Thanks again to all.  Atmosphere, six and vegasears. Much appreciated.

Vegasears: Would you please tell me what amp(s) you are using? 
I read a recent review on the Steve Hoffman site and the user said that he bought a C2500 and was very pleased... Unlike the C2300, the C2500 has the ability to change the input names too as they are not affixed like with the C2300. 
I use VTL 450MKII tubed mono blocks. There are a few of us who purchased NOS close-out C2500's lurking about. I would have been happy with the C2300.  My understanding is, with the C2500 Mc added a DAC to the package and a few other control features but sound wise the C2500 is pretty much the same as the C2300. So picking the C2500 came down to paying a little more for new and the three year warranty. 

Good Luck.
I just purchased a pair of JC-1 and also would like to run a tube preamp.  I have not seen anyone mention Conrad Johnson.  I am thinking of picking up a CT-5.  Any opinions on the match?
ap_wannabe: I wish I could help, but I continue to use the preamp (with tube output stage) in my Audio Aero Prestige CD/SACD/DAC player with my Parasound JC-1’s. I’ve tried the Mac C2500, but preferred the preamp in my Audio Aero. I hope you enjoy the JC-1’s. They have been great performers for me for a number of years and at their price point, they are terrific.
There's an Allnic L3000 available here for $3700 that retailed for over $10,000.  Audio Beat and Dagogo have good reviews on it and both call it one of the best tube preamps extant.  Sounds like a worthy contender to the pre in your AA.  FWIW...

Soix:  Thanks for the info and insight.