Tube preamp question

Hoping gto hear from anyone having heard EAR 868, Joule Electra LA 150 ii and Conrad Johnson Premier 16 2 LS.
Bi-amping Bel canto 1000M Ref and Class d audio, speakers von Schweikert vr-35. Essentials I want are liquid midrange (had 4 CJs in past and am an avid fan) but wonder if either the Joule or EAR can match that midrange together with some resolution and sound-staging not present in earlier CJs. Any opinions, please? Bottom line: How is the midrange in the Joule and EAR in comparison with the LS 16 ii?
How about what's a "better" preamp: the CJ ET3 SE or Joule 150 ii?( Ignore th EAR 868.)
I'd add the Aesthetix Calypso to the mix. Long-time CJ fan (Premier 3, 14, 17LS2) but the sonics and flexibility of the Calypso have me sold. Flexibility? Polarity switching on the remote (a "must" for me), superb mfg. service and suggestions, a full complement of RCA and XLR inputs and outputs.