tube preamp question

I was wondering if there are any auto bias,remote volume control $1500 or less tube preamps available ?I am new to tubes and old and getting lazy. Thanks
Ocasionally a used conrad johnson premier 14 appears for sale on this site and is around your price range. It has a remote and needs no biasing.

The Cary SLP-88 will fit the bill.


Biasing isn't a concern for tube preamps, just tube amps. And even for tube amps, many are now autobiasing.
A great tube preamp to consider is the Rogue Magnum 99 with phono stage, it already comes with a remote. A used "99" is within your price range. Stereophile did a review on it a few years back and recommended it highly. I loved mine until I upgraded to a Mac.
In fact, there is currently one listed here on AudioGon for $1475.00
Another option is a Conrad Johnson PV14 - usually avaiable for a few hundred less than the Premier 14.
BAT VK3i w/remote would be right in your price bracket.
would suggest for a bat vk-30... can be had for a $1400-$1900.... has remote, phono stage, se and xlr, ies.... nice build quality, excellent sonics and reliabilty..

sonic signature is close/better than a bat vk-5i ( i think the bass is better and uses less tubes..

i dont know of a fully equipped pre with a remote/build quality for less ( steal of the century imo)... the major drawback is it uses 6-6922/7308's on which nos retubing can get pricey....
Thanks for all the help + suggestions.