tube preamp please, replacing counterpoint sa7

i just purchased a counterpoint sa7 tube preamp to replace my 6 year old nad 705. it is not living up to my expectations, the bass is extremely lacking, and with no tone controls i can't help it out (allthough i always left them flat on the nad with no trouble)- can anyone reccomend a decent tube pre in the 300-400 dollar range? phono preamp is a must- thats why i bought the counterpoint. i heard the phono preamp was spectacular, which it is, except for the weak and muddy bass. could the problem be solved with any mods or tube replacements?
New tubes can make all the difference. ask for Andy at You pay more, but you get magic:)

Good luck!

I second the tube replacement.... 1st place to start... There are many available upgrades for this piece - checkout or talk to Michael Elliott. His number is on the website... Unless there is an issue with this Pre-amp, the SA7 is not a problem with bass - lived with one for years... What else does your system consist of?
the rest of my system consists of antique sound labs mono blocks- the real small ones, ecl-82 driven at 7.5 watts each driving a pair of NHT super two's. i was using the NAD 705 as a preamp before the counterpoint and bass was no issue even with controls at flat, so i don't think my power amps or speakers are an issue. as a source I am using a rega planar two with a grado silver which i have also had for a while, the only variable is the preamp. the tube change sounds like a good first step because i love the sound and simplicity of the SA7 and would keep if i can improve the bass. its just too loose and undefined right now. it is also excessively noisy which hints me more at tube replacement.
Both before and after the tube replacement, you may want to play with speaker placement and lister position (if you haven't already).
Go for the best tubes you can buy from Andy. You won't be dissapointed. You might consider re-tubing your mono's next. Ask Andy for his advise. I got lower noise floor, holographic sound stage and improved bass extension right away. Everything improved from there over the next month until they were fully broke-in.