Tube preamp or tube amp to start with?

I am very curious about experimenting with tubed components and the sound they can offer for 2 channel listening. I currently am using Myryad and Anthem product in a 5 channel setup to provide for both 2 channel and home theater. I use Dynaudio speakers ( 1.3 II's ) all around. I listen to music/home theater about 75/25. Where/How would/did YOU start when considering tube equipment. I own a Tjoeb 400 Cd player loaded to the guns and using Mullard tubes. Thanks for your help, in advance.
Tube preamp try to get a home theater pass through model
Your Dynaudio's need current and will respond better with solid state.
I second the tube preamp route, it's both easier and more versatile.

Depending on which tube amp you went with, you might end up with a boatload of tubes to roll with, but preamps usually use less of them. My Blue Circle BC21 uses only two and my BAT VK3i uses five.

Another good reason Cytocycle mentions is getting a tube preamp with HT pass-thru. My VK3i has a unity gain feature which allows just this so that your tube pre and HT processor can share the same amp/s.

A solid state amp will work well with both an HT processor and a tube preamp with HT pass-thru.

Good luck!