Tube preamp needed for Herron M1 mono amps.

Speakers are Wilson Benesch Arc. 88db, 6 ohm. CD is a modified Jolida JD-100. I need a remote control for the preamp. I've been looking for a Herron preamp, but the latest model is a rarity to find used. Next is the ARC Reference MKII. I appreciate any input.

I have had a set of M1 Monos in my system for a week, and they are superb. A soild step up over the McCormack DNA-125 revision Gold that has been in my system, which is no slouch itself. I am extremely pleased with them.

2 preamps I have tried so far: the Dehavilland Ultraverve 2 with Hytron 6SN7 and Sylvania NOS tubes at the other locations. It is quite euphonic yet detailed, and sounds quite dynamic. Very easy to listen to, and a fun combo that is very easy on the ears and musical. The other, my Herron VTSP1a/166, is a better match, though, as it is more neutral, just as musical and easy to listen to, but with a blacker background, picks up details better, and with a wider soundstage.

I would think that a VTSP2 or 3 would be ideal, but you will have to wait a while to see one here. I am also keeping my eyes open for one. As good as the M1/1a/166 combo sounds, I can't imagine how nice the VTSP3 must be. I am going to borrow an LS26 from a friend in the next few days to see how it sounds. It is quite similar to the ARC Ref 2, so I will let you know the result of my findings. Sorry not to be of more help. Judging on the results of my other 2 demos, the M1's have a very neutral yet easy and nearly tubey presentation. I would go with a pre that also goes in that direction.
Thanks for the info. I spoke with Keith and he's having an upgrade for the M!'s in April. Should be awesome! We talked about the VTSP1 vs. the latest. Keith said their is no comparison, however, he get's many phone calls from people wanting to purchase a VTSP1. Please keep me posted on the ARC.
HI Mike, I owned a Herron VTSP-2 for several years and had Keith up-grade it to the 3 early this year. The 3 is better in all parameters of sound and is probably the last pre-amp that I will ever own. I am sure that the mating of either with the Herron phono stage would be the way to go. I am a musician and I have never heard better accuracy of brass or woodwind sound before. Highly recommended.
Well, I have some listening time in with the ARC LS26 and M1's, and it is a great sounding combo! This particular LS26 has the BAT tubes installed, nearly new. The LS26 and VTSP-1a/166 actually are pretty similar in terms of presentation, with the LS26 maybe just a little more forward and with a brighter presentation. The LS26 definitely has more background detail on complex recordings (orchestra) but for vocals and jazz, they were very similar sounding. Even hearing very familiar recordings (such as Kind of Blue) I had trouble really distinguishing them. The LS26 seems to be quite neutral, and really lets the instrument come through naturally. Separation between instruments is excellent, tonally they seem very natural, pace is great, and the LS26 really controls bass well. The best pre I have heard in my system.

Overall, in comparison to the Herron 1a/166, the LS26 has more background detail, and perhaps more detail is heard in the recording. The Herron seems a tad more natural, the LS26 a tad more forward (maybe some instruments come across as slightly hi-fi). Mainly, the increase in background detail is the big difference, with perhaps a bit more air under more complex passages, and slightly better separation. They are very close in terms of performance though: more than you would expect, considering that the LS26 is 2x the price (used) of the Herron. If the LS26 is a $4000 unit, then the Herron sounds like a $3000 unit: the differences are there, but they aren't huge. Considering the LS26 is a current unit and the 1a/166 a 7-year old model, then the newest VTSP-3 is likely superb. After auditioning the LS26, I will hold off and wait for a VTSP-2 or 3.