Tube Preamp Isolation

Currently using Vibrapod cone/isolater combo under my Music Reference RM5 MKIII. I've got it on a Billy Bags rack. I've got an Audio Research LS15 on the way and am wondering what you guys use (if anything) under your tube preamp?
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Sistrum man , Sistrum
Aurios under my Supratek Syrah (was surprised what a difference it made)
I just installed some 3M damping sheets in my Belles 21 that I bought thru AMUSICDIRECT.COM $20 for a set of 4, very cost effective IMO and I can hear a difference. I mounted them inside the removable top of the pre. I also use Vibrapods as well.
I have tried lots of things. And as my system changes so does the isolation.

Right now using Dh cones Jumbo's. But have also used symposium rollerblocks, symposium svelte shelf, and Symposium fat padz.

It's also on a Arcici suspese rack.

The rolleblocks bring out the detail, lower the noise floor, but at a expense of some warmth. DH cones keep the warmth... but don't seem to lower the noise floor much.

The symposium shelfs and padz are somewhere inbetween...
Go to an HVAC supplier and buy the rubber/cork/rubber blocks that are used under AC compressors. These are the same as the Mapleshade Isoblocks, but will cost you a lot less.
I use Black Diamond Racing Mk 4 cones under my VTL TL5.5 with good results. It has better imaging and tightened up the bass a little. The Mk 3 cones were a little too bright for my taste.

I have Aurios Pro under my ARC Ref 3 as well as all my other components including my Lamm ML 2.1's. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I use the Aurio 1.2 under my deHavilland Mercury preamp with a 1/4 " piece of maple between preamp and Aurio which took all the ringing out and is superb. I use the Sistrum under my amp which is fabulous and would probably be great under a preamp.
My experience has been a tube pre-amp is least effected by footer/isolation than any other component including my SS amp. I know that makes no sense, but it is my experience. Having said that I use Aurios Pro, Neuance shelves, bubble wrap, Apollo rack, sandstone base sitting on Aurios pro's. See my vibration philosophy under "system."
My experience has been a tube pre-amp is least effected by footer/isolation than any other component including my SS amp

I totally disagree.

Have you ever had a look at the damping rings that are put on tubes because they resonate?
do not use vibrapods with LS15. Kills the sound completely. As a matter of fact, I am not using anything under this pre, but am using hal-o tube dampers. They work great.