Tube Preamp for Rowland 8Ti

Any suggestions on tube preamp for Rowland 8Ti?

My system is: Rowland 8Ti + Avalon Eclipse Classic + Wadia 850
Why would you want a tube preamp? Doesn't the Wadia go direct? Also tube preamps sometimes have a highish output impedance, which does not typically work well with Rowland amps.
The BAT 50SE might work though. Cheers

Maybe you should have a bit more knowledge before you spout off? Rowland power amps have rather high input impedances, perfect for tube preamps. The Model 10 and 12 for example are IIRC 47kohm. Any modern tube preamp/linestage with even average drive output can mate with such an input impedance w/o problems.

I have used several different tube linestages with Rowland power amps with nary a problem; and much better sound than even Rowland's own Synergy II, which I did not like. But then, I have yet to hear a solid-state linestage that I like.
Hello Findoc,

Do you have any recommendation on selection of the tube pre-amp?
the Rowland 10, and thought that the system (w/ the BAT CDP and Vienna Acoustic Mahlers) was one of the most musical I have ever heard, and I'm very picky about saying "best".

Tube pre's will (generally) impart some unique sonic signature, so the proof will be in your own listening.

Good luck, and good listening.


CAT, Lamm, Emotive, Hovland, Joule, are all good choices, I've owned all but the Hovland. You don't balanced preamps to use with Rowland amps to get their maximum benefit; the Rowlands use Jensen transformers whether the XLR or RCA inputs are used. And frankly, I generally find that single-ended RCA sounds better than balanced XLR the majority of the time.

Of the pres I mention above, the Emotive is the best deal (i.e., cheapest) and doesn't give much if anything away to the others in terms of sonics. It is excellent. But if you do phono too, it's awfully hard to beat a CAT....
I like the CAT sig or ultimate with the Model 8. My 8/Sig combo sounds like they were made for each other. IMHO.
Take a listen to Audio Note M3 or above. These are output transformer coupled with enough drive for low impedance inputs.

With Audio Note, you'll feel the music with your heart (literally)