Tube preamp for phono and headphone use.

First post here, and it may be kind of sound kind of dumb, but I have a question about preamps. I need to purchase a phono preamp and a headphone preamp for my new system (outlaw). It got me wondering if it wouldnt be smarter to buy a used tube preamp with both phono and headphone stages and get the advantages of a single unit and the quality of tube.

Is there such an animal out there that is a realistic buy for this application? Most preamps I see lsited for sale have phono (MM anyway), but I dont see much mentioned about the headphone stage.

Thanks for helping out a music love with training wheels.
the Kora Eclipse pre has both Mm and MC, and a nice headphone stage. You can find used one here for a pretty nice price.
Rogue 99. Need to use high impedance phones like Sennheiser 600 or 650.
The Sonic Frontier Line stages, while no longer in production, have a headphone jack - not sure about phonestage though . . .

The McIntosh tube preamp (forgot the model #) also has a headphone jack but not the std. 1/4" jack . . .

By the way, what headphone amps are your considering (as I too will need to buy one) and what headphones are you using?

I haven't narrowed down my list of headphone preamps yet. I am at the stage of trying to figure out the marketplace, features vs. dollars...the normal early decision making stuff. I could make this real easy and just buy the Grado or Rotel and forget the tube side. But since I need a phono pre as well, why not try to see if I can kill two birds with one stome?

As for headphones, I had Beyers, but have since returned them. I have Grado 225's and am planning on picking up Senn. 600's once I get this equipment in place.