Tube preamp for Pass Labs XA-30.5

Hi All,

I am looking for a tube preamp accomplishing my current audio system which has speakers Audio Physics Vigra 2, power amp Pass Labs xa-30.5, phono stage Pass Labs xp-15, VPI Aries 3 table with Benz Wood MC low output cartridge. My short list of preamps includes Audio Note M5, ARC LS28/REF 6, Atmasphere MP3,
Aesthetix Callisto/Calypso. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

I would also recommend that you strongly consider the Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme and/or the Rhythm - both world-class products that are amazingly good.  Happy Listening!
We have a good number of customers with Pass Labs amps, so I can say with confidence that if you go that route it will work fine. The MP-3 has no worries at all driving input impedances much lower.

I think the big differences you are likely to hear between these preamps will be at the frequency extremes. Essentially, three different coupling means are being used- one preamp uses output transformers, the next uses output coupling caps, and the 3rd (MP-3) has a direct-coupled output.
Have a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp (and stacked NOS tubes) with the XA30.5 and it mates incredibly well with my Tyler Acoustic Linbrook floorstanders. Financially, I wish I could keep the preamp but I can't.