Tube Preamp for Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono?

All Audiogon members, I'm looking for a used tube preamp for Stratos Dual Mono. Budget is about $1200-1300 USD. The preamp I currently using is Acurs Ls11. I have these preamp in my mind, IA 3a/M3A,Rogues 99,CJ PV14L or you have better ideas? Anyone here own Stratos dual mono using a tube preamp?

Don't do it! I have a Stratos, tried tube preamps (Rogue and McIntosh) and hated it, really hated it! I highly suggest the new Musical Fidelity preamps, A3cr or A3.2cr, very nice match, and ate the tube preamps alive in my system.
Because you tried the wrong tube preamps!
Why don't you use a ss preamp that sounds like a tube preamp? Odyssey Tempest.
I have used the Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 tube pre with the stratos driving Maggies 1.6s with a wonderful result.

I am using a Sonic Frontiers Line-1 with very good results. I have also heard very good things about the AI 3A.

Klaus says the Tempest is a match made in heaven.