Tube Preamp for around 2K?

I currently have a Juicy Music Peach II preamp that is being serviced and may replace the unit.  I have looked around the 2K mark and have found the Rogue Perseus Magnum, the Cary SLP 98L and the Rogue 99 Super Magnum.  I have also seen a few ARC LS 17SE for around $2500.   I like the JMA peach (6h30) but would be open to trying a different tube sound.  Looks like the Rogue 99 and the Cary have the same 6sn7 tube vs the Perseus 12au7.  The ARC would be another (6h30) approach.  I originally bought the Peach to match my Klipsch RF-7s but I now have Martin Logan Ethos and use a 200 watt SS B&K amp.  The Perseus has all the features i want (2 outputs, HT bypass, remote) and is the best from a price perspective.   I have read the Cary and the 99 will have a fatter tone but at the expense of frequency extremes.  The ML's don't have a harsh top end like the Klipsch so i am not sure I want to mute the top end at all.  

Would the Perseus be the best option of this bunch for a dynamic open sound with the most 3D soundstage?  My gut tells me the Cary SLP is the better product but i don't have any objective reason.  The ARC is probably the most accurate but i fear it will  be boring and not really sound like a tube preamp.  Thoughts?
For tubes I prefer BAT vk3i, but if you don't care about balanced design, than perhaps CAT JL1.
They're champs!
Jump on this... You will be glad you did. Lots of reviews online.

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Also,the Primaluna Dialogue Premium responds superbly to 12au7 tube rolling [and rectifier tubes also]... for that special flavor that you may be seeking... The 6h30 approach is fully limited, as you well know.

Good luck...
I saw the Primaluna, it looks like a potential option but I have read that they don't pair well with SS amps with a lower input impedance, my B&K has an input impedance of 33k.  
Going by the 10 to 1 ratio...the PL has an output impedance of 256 ohms. It would be no problem with your BK amp... which has a input of 33,000 ohms.
The Rogue Perseus Magnum casts a huge soundstage and has extended highs and deep bass. It has a neutral and detailed sonic signature, so tube rolling is required if you want a warmer sound. It does not, however, sound tubey. The 99 Magnum which uses 6SN7’s is the better unit.

PrimaLuna will give you that tube sound, and rolling in some NOS tubes will really open it up.
You should be able to find a used Herron VTSP-1 with a little patience. Let Keith Herron go over it to make sure all the updates are installed and it’s operating up to specs. Smokes anything you can find used within your budget. Smokes almost everything used regardless of cost. Smokes most everything new regardless of cost. Herron might even have one available that came in on trade.
If judging on tubes, there is not really a better preamp tube than a 6H30 IMO. It has a nice low output impedance, plenty of gain, does not typically need a cathode follower or additional gain stages, and just sounds very very right if implemented correctly. Open, transparent, focused, rich.... Tough to beat that tube in the right circuit, so I say hang on to the Peach while you are trying something else. :)
"Smokes anything you can find used within your budget. Smokes almost everything used regardless of cost. Smokes most everything new regardless of cost."

One thing I have learned over the years,in things audio...any one piece of kit with a complete blanket recommendation as you state should be taken with a grain of salt. As with all components,system synergy is the key to great sound. The complete system working together as a whole,within the required parameters,is the only way to sonic nirvana. I’m sure the Herron VTSP-1 is a fine sounding unit used within the confounds of its intended purpose,but the best for most all a bit of a long shot for sure.

I just purchased and Rogue Audio RP 1. I think its a little newer design than the Magnum. Call up Rogue they are happy to talk about it. I am pleased with mine. Here is a review

I will take a guess. There is no good enough $2k used tube preamp unless the unit is very old or the seller is desperate or drunk. Forget it. $3.5 - $4.5K is a realistic range.
I’m using a Cayin SC-6LS with a Usher R1.5 and it’s great.Circuit Loves tube rolling and am having great impacts due to rolling. Recently got 3 NOS Mullard 12AU7 CV 4004 M8136 yes the holy grail and it sounds absolutely fabulous with everything from Nirvana to Miles Davis. I also have bunch of Sovteks which I find bright loud and tad dynamic ,but hey that brightness is tube brightness and not SS brightness which I hate. Getting Tungsol and Brimer soon.

As for you get the Cary it’s the best among all you have chosen but the BAT somebody mentioned here. I was going to get a Cary SLP03 but the Cayin beat it hands down! Look at Shengya and line magnetic too great stuff.
I'm not so sure about that.  The Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamplifier has garnered enough word of mouth  (oowners) and professional reviews to possibly counter your assertion.  The Don Sachs SP14 is another example that may also go counter to your statement above. The cost/performance ratio can be very deceptive with high end audio products. 
I love my Van Alstine Fet Valve CF preamp.  30-day trial period - sounds dynamic and clear.  Several great reviews out there.

Best, Scott

Charles, you may be right. It also depends on the subjective definition of what is good enough. And I agree that $3.5k and $2k is a big difference for many people, me included. But I would wait a little longer and get a much better piece, and that's exactly what I have been doing.
Hello Inna,
Yes, I understand your point of view.  It seems that in the opinion of some  veteran reviewers such as Jim Merod (PFO) Jeff Dorgay (Tone) and Dick Olsher the Primaluna Dialogue Premium offers legitimate high end sound quality similar to more expensive units. I have no listening experience with it.
Anyone compare the primaluna with the rogue?  The more i listen with the MLs I don't think I need warmth but want transparency
While my Peach is being repaired I have my Rotel receiver acting as preamp and i notice how grainy it sounds and not as clear as the Peach. 
with the features you want remote , bypass etc.. and open dynamic 3D sound.. , you definitely have to try Rhumba 1.1 or the upgraded Rhumba Extreme version. It does not sound fat or euphoric like Cary and Primaluna , but excellent transparency, with very natural grainless extension. Cost new at $2995, used units will be of course lesser. 
Trust me , it will match very well with ML speakers.
I went from a nine-thousand dollar[Harry Pearson fave] preamp to the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium [at $3,200.00]... and have ’never’ looked back...its that good.

As Charles mentioned,the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium offers ’legitimate high end sound quality...[because it is]... regardless of cost. Compare the PL build quality to ’anything’ you wish to compare it with,then go give a listen. Me thinks your wallet and ears will thank-you. 8)