Tube preamp as surround

I have good tube monoblocks for my sound systems and I am wondering if there exist a good tube preamp with 5 channels(surround) so I only have to swits on on the pre amp from 2 channels to surround.
I have seen a Sunfire tube preamp used in HT systems, but assume that the five channels originate from the processor itself. I think that Sunfire is Bob Carver in his latest venture.
I think Jolida has a 5 channel hybrid pre-amp.
Oops, I guess I really screwed up. Jolida has a 3 channel hybrid amp not pre-amp.
Audio Research LS-25 and REF 2 preamps have a Processor selection that allows the use of processor input. The big advantage to this selection is this is a straight feed thru, where you can use the volume controls on your processing device. This is also possible with other preamps using one of the inputs. The issue is: if you want perfect volume alignment every time you need to break out the dB meter. I use a surround receiver RCA outputs going to the "processor" input on my ARC LS-25, connected as usual to my 2 channel high end gear. I use no center, since the cost of a center to match my 2 channel speakers would far exceed what I want to spend on HT gear.