Tube preamp $1500-2000 for a thin sounding amp?

Hi, i'm looking for a good tube preamp that gives body to my sound. I have a Musical Fidelity A3CR amp and preamp and I think this couple is thin sounding, I want to try a tube preamp to see if I can solve this. I like my classical orchestra music to sound full bodied. I have a subwoofer, so the problem is not deep bass, but maybe mid-bass or upper bass (?). I'd appreaciate any help, I've got almost $2,000 to spend.
You might get better results by buying a meatier sounding amp.
How about Cary or AES.
My speakers are Revel M20, do they really need a meatier amp? the a3cr is 120 w/c. My room is small, about 14'x16'. Or should I try a tube amp? Thank you.
perhaps the Melody SHW 1688 II. Very full-bodied sound.
Mattybunpkin, do you mean the AES signature preamp? have you had experience with it? Thnks
Aes AE-3 DJH would help.
IMHO, try a Musical Fidelity X10 V3 tube buffer (~$275 used). I should allow you to experiment with different tubes which will affect the sound (Telefunken= neutral, tonally accurate, good bass; Mullard= warm, sweet, and smooth, Electro-Harmonix=, a good tube, modern day, highly available and CHEAP, and lots of others). It would be alot cheaper than purchasing a new line stage, and, if you don't like it (Stereophile magazine loved it!), sell it for little no loss. What have you got to lose? Happy Listening,
Manley Shrimp - $1880
Are you absolutely sure it is the amp? There are so many factors, the room, positioning of your speakers, the speakers themselves, and, of course, your source.
I used to own a Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp (it's one of the best preamps I've ever had), and I would not describe it as thin sounding. (I've never heard the amp, though.)

What kind of source are you using? Your money might be better spent here.

If you do want to compensate for it with the preamp, I would suggest something from Cary or Conrad Johnson, or perhaps a Rogue 66.

Good luck,

Sufentanil, the source is a Rotel CD transport and a Bel CAnto DAc2. I saw your system, how would you compare your Cary preamp with the a3cr? Thanks
Check out the Eastern Electric Minimax preamp - nice presence, tubey but not too tubey, gobs of detail but no stidency - an excellent choice for your needs!
this does not make sense. the music fidelity gear generally is on the warmside in the upper bass and mids....what speakers?
I believe Musical Fidelity is known for a more neutral sound rather than a meaty, robust, non-thin sound. I could be wrong. The power rating does not in itself give an indication to the fullness of the amp's sound. You don't need to go to tubes for this.

Another member recently wrote of matching a BAT preamp with a Bryston amp in this thread. Bryston's are very neutral and accurate amps. The BAT added some welcomed warmth and fullness for the member who paired the two. A BAT preamp might be worth investigating.
Check out Space Tech. Labs. Really great preamps + amps
Tvad, that's right, at least in my case the MF couple is not meaty robust at all. I took a look at the BAT but is out of my budget.

Sorry, I should have stated that I need a pre with remote. The AES look interesting, what about a VTL 2.5 or Audio Research SP16L? has anyone listened to these? Any other recommendations? Thank you all for the suggestions.

Tvad, that's right, at least in my case the MF couple is not meaty robust at all. I took a look at the BAT but is out of my budget.
Sale pending on a BAT VK-5i w/ remote @ $2050. This seems to be within your budget should another come up. Are you only interested in new?
Tvad, thanks for the heads up, but that one looks like on ly has balanced inputs/outputs. I saw other used BAT within my budget, I'm considering it.

Let's see what other suggestions come to make a final decision. Thanks!

To my knowledge, all BATs have only XLR ins and outs, which is why the company is called Balanced Audio Technology. Folks commonly use XLR/RCA adapters furnished by BAT (or others). No big deal.

I don't have a vested interest either way. Have fun.
I`m fairly new at this and am learning from the people in this forum. I`m curious about your wires. Are they silver?
I would consider the VAC Standard LE preamp = has remote and might provide the sound you're missing. Can be had on A'gon right now in your price range.
cary slp98, supratek syrah.. the bat preamps are a good suggestion too..
Rkumar, in comparing the Cary SLP-88 to the MF A3cr preamps, the MF is more neutral, detailed, and better high frequency extension vs the Cary (stock tubes) which has more "fullness" at the expense of a little detail, and slightly less bass.

I've heard similar Revel speakers and thought that they sounded a little thin when I listened to them (I believe there was a switch on the back that adjusted treble boost or something -- I assume you've played with this, if it exists on this model). I think that the best thing you could do for yourself right now is to borrow different components (including sources, speakers, and amps) to better determine what you're looking for.

Another alternative is to look into a tube amp or tube integrated (one of my favorites is the Jolida 302b, but I've also heard good things about the Cayin). One of these might provide more of what you're looking for.

You want a full very three dimenscial tube preamp?Try a Juicy Music Bluberry extream for $1795.00.I heard one at a friends house with khorns and was very impressed.Well worth the money and they are hand built,one at a time.Plus the owner is a square shooter.Do a search under Juicy Music and you will find the site.They have reviews there from sixmoons if I rember right.
BAT VK-3i has RCA jacks in addition to balanced. Most of them that come up for sale have the remote and are well within your price range.
Try a used deHavilland UltraVerve, if you can find one. You will easily be able to tailor the sound of the preamp by just rolling one 6SN7 tube. When I had one, it had all the fullness and lushness one could ask for.
Why keep a "thin sounding amp?"
I would try a different source if I were in your shoes.I haven't spent any time with your DAC,but the source could very well be the root of the problem. I'll suggest a Electrocompaniet ECD-1. I've been auditioning a modified version of this Dac(thanks to a friend) using a passive volume pot. No tubes in the system at all.The sound is VERY full bodied and slightly warm with no hint of detail lost.It seems to do this without getting strident or bright.The soundstage is stable and wraps around you ...if your speakers image properly. This is a very well balanced dac..never calling attention to just one part of the music.

Good luck with your hunt!

Why keep a "thin sounding amp?"
Maybe you should try some nice thick interconnects and speaker cables to beef up that thin sounding amp. Try and ask for Porky.