Tube pre with H/T Passthrough and Sub Out

I am looking for a Tube pre-amp with a HT passthrough duel Sub out and Phono Stage.
Balanced out would be nice but I know the more I want the less I can get.

I Know Manley Wave is pretty well set for what I need except I do not have 7K to lay out for a new pre.

I currently use a CJ PV15 but wanna change.
I use Manley Snappers monoblocs and Merlin VSMs
I was looking to spend about 4/5K tops
Any Help?
I moved from the PV15 to the Aesthetix Calypso...the Janus model has a phono stage built in...the Calypso would require adding an outboard phono stage such as the Rhea. In any event, the Aesthetix line has an HT bypass and has several sets of Outputs...2 RCA and 2 XLR...all active. I use mine in a Home Theater system as well as a dedicated 2 channel with Sub.

It seems like all pre's are moving in this direction so you should have a long list.
Dual outputs are not too important, as you can make a custom IC or buy a pig-tail splitter to connect both to your amp & the subs.
Cary have a bunch with ht bypass.

I have a slp 2002 with a true HT bypass. I can even turn off the unit to save tube life in HT mode. It has 3 sets of speaker outs (2 rca, 1 xlr). I use one of those sets as a sub input. All that is needed is a crossover on the sub.

Many pre's with HT bypass aren't a true bypass. They use unity gain but still process the signal.

Good luck.

Yea there is a Carey 2002 for sale on the Gon I just got rid of my Cary sixpacs in favour of the Manley Snappers how will the Carey match up with the Snappers.

I do not want to jump at this I can wait I just need to make a good call.

Are there any other options in the way of tube pre with HT and sub (or speaker) out I would consider
I'm not sure why you need the sub out, nor am I familiar with any 2 channel preamps with that feature. However HT bypass and phono preamp can be found on the Supratek. They get lots of good reviews.