Tube pre w/single inputs vs. SS pre with balanced?

Here's a tough one. Any informed advice would be very very welcome.

I recently acquired a Benchmark DAC which has the option of balanced outs. I also recently got an awesome deal on a Kora Eclipse which is a French tube preamp, but it does not have balanced inputs.

I am considering trading the Kora for a Classe CP-50 which does have balanced inputs but is Solid State not tubed.

Because I have no idea what to expect, I'm not sure if I should stick with the Kora and sacrifice a little on the ouput from my Benchmark or get the Classe and make optimum use of the Benchmark balanced outs?

Both the Kora Eclipse and the Classe CP-50 have excellent reviews and supposedly the Classe has a "warm" presence sort of like tubes...but all I know is that I have owned Denon, Classe (CP-35), McIntosh and Krell preamps and none of them gave me anything like the glorious output from my Kora (my first experience with tubes...)

FYI: my amp is a Sunfire Signature...

Any opinions out there?

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Thanks a Mil...
If you like the sound of tubes you will never find it in SS. You may find similar tonality but thats about it. Listen to one of those SS preamps that 'sound like tubes'. More than likely all you will hear is a darkish tonality which is NOT the sound of tubes that I like (and run).
I believe that XLR to RCA adaptors are available. That my solve your problem at least temporarily.
The Kora is by far the better amp. Balanced vs RCA is not a concern.