Tube Pre w/ Ex. Phono Stage

A click on my "system" link will lead you to my current rig. I'm moving to a smaller space, and I'd like to downsize my rig to a six shelf system (not incluing the amp). What I'd like to do is sell my pre, phono pre, and cdp and buy a tube pre with an excellent phono stage. I'd then use my current, crappy dvd player as a cdp (I listen to mostly vinyl anyway). So I need a tube pre with the following features:
1) A phono stage equal to or better than my current monolithic phono pre.
2) In addition to the phono stage, I need three line level inputs plus at least one tape loop.
The current value of my pre, phono pre, and cdp is about 1100$, and I will not spend more than that on a new pre. I'm leaning towards an Audible Illusions 3 (not the 3A) right now (which seems to go for around 700), but are there others I should be looking at? Thanks.
The Counterpoint SA-3000 and SA-5000 (which may be too expensive) are in that general range and have good phono stages in them.
If not the Audible Illusions, perhaps a Quicksilver (if you want classic tube sound) or an Audio Research SP9 or 14?
The BAT VK3i with phono option might be a good choice...maybe slight higher in price used...say $1300 or so...
I think the AI sounds like a good choice. Good sound and good price. AI has always been a highly rated preamp, and they do have a nice phono stage.
The phono board on the BAT VK3i is adequate for someone using primarily CD. I would not recommend it for someone using primarily vinyl.