Tube pre to use with Bryston 4BST

Hello Good People -

I am using a BP-25 with my 4BST to power a set of ML SL3's. I love my Brystons but on certain classical & jazz recordings the sound is a little too much 'in my face' to suit my taste.
So - A tube preamp may be in the cards. Any suggestions as to what might take the 'edge' off the 4BST?
BAT has been recommended along with Blue Circle... One caveat, however. I have everything tied together with balanced (XLR) interconnects (including my primary source, a Krell KAV-300) and I do not want to have to invest in RCA cables for the sake of a pre that doesn't have balanced inputs/outputs.
I haven't an unlimited budget - maybe 2500-3000 bucks new or used.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

i am using a conrad johnson pv-11 with my 4b with great
result,any conrad johnson preamp will do an excelent job
A tube pre might do it, but check your CD player. I auditioned this player and thought it was too bright sounding.
I frankly doubt BAT's or Sonic Frontiers pre's (some of the few w/XLR connectors) would take away the edge you're hearing.
The Bryston is a neutral piece.
Have you considered trying a pair of different IC's
I have a kav 300 and use mit 330 cvt's with it and i hardly find it bright or harsh... If you get into a tube preamp, you will need to find a set of tubes as well that suits your needs sonically... I have an arc ls7 with my analog system that I have had 3 different sets of tubes in and it sounds different each time...
Try the IC's first, then look for a preamp...
Good luck,
I have a Bryston 4B-ST which I use with a Bryston SP-1 (which essentially uses the BP-25 circuitry). I found that the Bryston gear is sufficiently revealing that the interconnects are very important. I recently replaced the IC's I was using with Alpha-Core Goertz TQ2's and found they made a substantial improvement: cleaner, more extended treble that is sweeter and less "edgy"; and a bit more transparency and tonal accuracy in the mid-range.

By all means, try a tube preamp with the 4B-ST, but I would also suggest you try a pair of Goertz TQ2 interconnects -- I think you will be pleased with the improvement in your system's sound. There was a pair of 1.0 meter TQ's for sale here on A-gon last week for $110, so you might see if they are still available. If not, you can buy a new pair of TQ2's direct from Alpha-Core for $186.
I also have the 4Bst and was using a older SS preamp. I felt that I was robbing the Bryston of good upstream data and a new pre was needed; so I started searching different forums and boards both reading and posting questions about tube preamps.

Along my search I found a few people that are highly respected audiophiles. All agreed that the 6SN7 tube was the better choice in a preamp, and that the 6922 tube was good but no match for the 6SN7. They offered so many makes and models for a preamp I was overwhelmed, but one company they all gave " 2 thumbs up" was Cary. I asked about both the Blue Circle and Rogue preamps and they said their no match to a Cary and if both are Stereophile class B then how is the sterile Adcom GFP750 class A?

I found out that Dennis Had the owner of Cary, also owns Audio Electronic Supply and simply put is a champagne on a beer budget.I bought the AE-3 and this $600 preamp is fantastic with the Bryston, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a tube preamp could sound so great. If I had the funds on hand I would have went Cary......but Im happy for now.

You cant switch out of the XLR's or you dont want to? You might be passing up on great sounding equipment if it is that you dont want to? Just a thought.

Good luck, Kris
I have a vtl 2.5 tube pre with a bryston 3bst. I love the match. I paired these together on my own, and then found out that several hi-fi shops that carry these two lines also think they mate well. I believe the vtl 5.5 has balanced outs which you need. Good luck
Sonic Frontiers Line 3!!!
An older BAT VK 3 is a fully balanced pre amp. If you can find one it might fit the bill. Keep in mind this model does not have a remote.
Try Cardas Neutral Reference Speaker Cables, they work very well with the Bryston and give a fuller slightly laid back sound and sound still very, well, "neutral". The Neutral Reference interconnect will also help. Jeff
Not trying to discourage you from tube preamps; I used to run an ARC into my 4Bst and it worked great. BUT your source is a far bigger problem and far more in need of replacement than the BP25. Do yourself a big favor and buy a more musical cd player first.
Rogue 99. I used one with a 4B now with 7B's. Excellent. I'm sure the 66 would be good too.