Tube pre to mate with a Simaudio amp and Dynaudio

I've just recently taken delivery of Dynaudio Contour 1.3se monitors and am looking for amplification.

I've heard these speakers with a Sim Audio I-5 and enjoyed the sound immensely, but would like to move to a W-3 and a tubed pre-amp.

I'm looking for a slightly richer sound, but one that is still relatively transparent, fast, and open. Are there any tubed preamplifiers that meet these requirements?

Under consideration:

Audio Research LS-15
deHavilland UltraVerve
Manley Shrimp

any other thoughts would be apprciated.
The Sim Audio I-5 is supposed to sound excellent with Dynaudios. But if you want separates, what about a Cary SLP-98 preamp?
The Hovland pre (either the old one (HP-100) without the remote or the new one (HP-200)) would be an excellent pairing with those speakers and W-3. I have auditioned the W-3 with a higher level Dyn bookshelf speaker and the Hovland HP-100 and was very impressed when I was looking for my audio equipment. For some reason, I got carried away and ended up going much more expensive in my final selection.
Agree about the Hovland... Heard it with Dyn S25s and a sim w5 a few times... perfect combination. I own a supratek syrah, though, and it is also perfect for dyn and sim, but you must wait if you want one
I have had the set up you are looking for sim audio w-3 and it is great with the dynaudio 1.3se. Lots of power and a nice smooth laid back sound. big sound stage and good bass.
Bradpaton - What preamp are you using (I am still using the I-5 but want to get a W3 sometime soonish)
Niravp... glad you are enjoying your new Calypso with your Dyns. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend you get some good 12AX7 NOS tubes. Mullard CV 4004's are a good choice and can be had for approx. $250 per pair. Same goes for NOS Telefunkens. The 6922 tubes are not as critical and should be second priority after the 12AX7's. Try looking at listing from Audiogoner "SAM1104" ... or look up Brendan @