Tube Pre suggestions for Mac Amp

I have a McIntosh power amplifier that I am running CD directly into. I wanted to know if any of you Gon'ers have had any experience using a tubed pre on a Mac solid state amp and what you found to be a synergistic match.
I used a CJ PV10 for a while but preferred my C712 with my MC7200. The 712 was sweeter - although I think that NOS tubes would have helped the preamp a lot.

Incidentally, I used my CDP directly into the amp too but much preferred having the preamp in the chain. Dynamics were significantly better and the sound had more body (more 3D imaging). This was my experince anyway. Arthur
I'm using a Rogue 99 Magnum with my MC162. I added some NOS tubes and I really like the sound. I've been curious to try it with other preamps but the Rogue has everything I need.
A smooth musical pre like the CJ Premier lines. You can find Premiere 10's on 'gon for around $1,000.
Im using a Cary SLP90 with great results on a MC402...tried going direct once with my MCD7007 into a MC7300 with very poor results. Go for the pre, agree with Aball on lack of just sounded too flat with no air or presence to the sound. Good luck.
im having some fantastic results from the mcintosh c2200 tube preamp matched with my mc500 ss amp.

im done looking at other preamps,the c2200 is the end for me,the combo is extremly dynamic & smooth at the same time.

i agree with both aball & velo62,get a preamp into the chain & your imaging will increase greatly,mac gear has always sounded its best to my ears when ran with other mac gear.

I'm using a CJ premier 14 with Mullard tubes - great match. Mac amps have a low input impedence and some of the newer CJ amps have a high output impedence, the premier 14 is less than 250 ohms, similar to Mac preamps. I don't know if it really matters, I'm not technical enough, perhaps listening is the best judge when possible, but just an FYI.
I second the c-2200 it works relly well with mac solid state at least with my 7300. recently tried a rouge magnun 99, that is my friends, and it wasn't as nice a match. also agree that its better to have a pre in the chain with my mac just sounds much better
Supratek Chardonnay. I use it with a MC352. Really nice !
MC602 with a c2200 is my best combination to date. Any speaker seems to perform to its fullest especially the Magnepan 3.6R it makes one want to step up to the 20.1R.
Hey, I like the VTL amps you had listed, can you list them again? or call me at 612 227 2787, thanks!
Lots of good suggestions so far. I've been using the Mac C2300 preamp with my MC352 (solid state) stereo amplifier. It's a nice combination, and the phono stage in the C2300 it flexible and has worked well for me. Tube rollers say that improvements can be had with better tubes in the C2300, but I've not yet tried this.