Tube Pre/SS Amp versus SS Pre/Tube Amp

Hey all:

Just wanted to know what your thoughts as a whole were about these combinations. This all stemmed from my friend coming over and listening to my system one day, and he made an observation that I had a SS Pre (Accuphase C-200) and Tube Monos (AES/Cary Sixpacs). He also made the comment that it's a little unusual for that, stating that when different, people usually choose a Tube Pre and a SS Amp instead of the other way around...

It works both ways.
I used to have tube pre and ss amp, but now have the opposite. As stated it can and does work both ways.
As Rwwear says, it works both ways. This has been discussed many times before, perhaps you'll find more opinions in the archives.

It can indeed work both ways, but after going through many combinations, I came to prefer a tube pre and SS amp. The tube pre (a Conrad-Johnson) gave the nice warm tube glow, while the SS amp (McCormack) sounded great, had a better defined low end than the tube amps I'd tried, did not require the general care and feeding of a tube amp, and ran relatively cool rather than serving as a space heater. With the tube pre, the occasional urge to try something new was readily and inexpensively satisfied by tube-rolling the two tubes in the CJ (line stage only). Anyway, that's the cost-benefit reasoning behind my preference for tube preamp and SS power amp.