Tube pre's that work well with Levinson 334

For those of you who've gone through upgrade madness looking for a tubed pre amp that mates well with your Levinson 334, any advice. As long as it's quiet and neutral, I guess what I'm looking for is a 3-D soundstage. A holographic quality with air. Some of you will probably suggest changing the amp but that's not going to happen. Along with tubed pre's like Sonic Frontiers, BAT, and Audio Research, I've also considered the Pass X1, mostly for it's reputed bass solidity.
Conrad Johnson premier 16ls II or 17ls II would be a very good match for your levinson amp. I would not suggest changing your amp as it is already top notch and as you state you are happy with it.
I replaced a KRC3 KRell Preamp with a CJ16LS in front of my Levinson 335.5 driving Wilson 5.1s and it sounded awesome.

I still have the 16LS, but sold the Wilsons and 335.5 and went full tube and horn with Cary V12 and Aventgarde Duos.

Levinson Wilson combo was good, but Cary/Aventgarde combo is really good, at least in my room. Not quite as much slam, but still very dynamic and much smoother.

Anyway - highly recommend the 16LS for your 334.
I found an impedance mismatch with the Pass X0.2 and Levinson amps. BAT VK50SE worked good, but not a match for my current speakers.

Classe and Levinson preamps both have the same output impedance. You can "flavor" your sound with these.

I ended up with the Classe Omega. I bought it used here on the 'Gon. Excellent!


Paul :-)