Tube pre into SS Amps for Home Theater?

I have purchased a stand alone home theater processor that relies upon an outboard preamp. Currently, my HT amplifiers are SS. Would I have any special problems using a tubed preamp to run this 5.1 channel system, that are different from the ones normally encountered when running tubed pre into 2 channel SS amplifiers?

Thanks in advance
Have you ever heard a tube pre with a SS amp? I highly suggest that you try before you buy, you may not like what you hear....
You also may very much like what you hear. Many audiophiles use a good tube preamp into a SS Amp. Just make sure the output ohms of the tube preamp will be a match for your SS amp.. SF and BAT and CJ and AR and Rouge all make good tube preamps that will work well for your situation... Me personally,,, I much prefer a tube preamp to a SS preamp. I think your thinking on the right path. Keep doing research and asking questions. You will do fine with a tube preamp if you don't mind messing with tubes.. You can get to play with the sound using different tubes.. The sound can amaze ya with the right comination. Nothing wrong with using a tube preamp and SS amp or visa virsa..
In most cases a tube preamp and solid state amplifier is a great combination.
I use an ARC Ref2 and an ML333 and it sounds wonderful. Most prefer this combination to the ARC tube power amp I own.
Good luck
I think that tube preamp is only way to go with SS amp. IT tones down the brightness of the solid state. I use a Audio expressions Symphonies tube pre with a mac 2100 SS