Tube Pre into HT system?

My room has to do double duty for HT for the family and music for me. Are there any tube pre's that integrate easily into a HT system to provide a little tube sound when listening to 2-channel music? FWIW the system:
Proceed PMDT
Proceed AVP
MF NuVista 300
Proceed AMP3
Revel Studios
Revel Voice
Revel S30
This subject has been covered before, but to give you a quick answer, any tube preamp with a spare input will serve your HT system when connected as follows:

Connect the stand alone Dolby 5.1 processor (or whatever version) as instructed. But rather than connecting the front channel output from that converter to the front channel amps, instead choose a spare input on the preamp. Connect the main outs of the tube preamp to the amps driving the front or main speakers.

Some preamps even have a input marked as "video" making is easy to remember.

Each time you watch movies, choose the same volume setting on the preamp ( 12:00 O'clock? ), and set up the surround volumes for all the channels based on that standard.

There is nothing to do for music except enjoy the preamp as normal. For movies simply select that "video" input and set to the same (predetermined) volume as before and go for it.

This method is especially good for those who are biased toward music, as there is no need to move the cables or disconnect power to get back to the music.
I believe the some of the BAT tube pre's have a pass thru option, which allows you to use the BAT for stereo and your pre/processor for 5.1(or what ever you may be using). I also believe there are a few other's that allow the same use, though I am not positive, I spoke with a featured dealer here about doing this but decided against it.

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Get a tube pre-amp with an HT bypass or processor loop (same thing). This is a unity gain circuit which basically means a direct connection to the output of the pre-amp bypassing all of the controls. Simply select HT bypass and now your HT system controls do everything. It simply connects yout HT main pre-outs to your 2-channel amplifier, bypassing your pre-amps functions.

BTW, the previous example does the same thing, except it leaves the pre-amps selector switch and volume control in the circuit. Either works fine, but the HT bypass/processor loop is a bit more convenient.

I know the Sonic Frontiers and their Anthem line are tubed with HT-bypass. The Sonic frontiers line is a bit better and has a really cool remote!

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VAC Standard PRE has Cinema mode for straight pass-through for HT. You don't even have to turn on the PRE.
Great sounding unit!!!
In surround sound I'm burning some 52 tubes; The pre, front ch center & rear ch, tube amps.--I just moved up the food chain,and used my old tube amp for lesser duties;such as front and rears.
You can also look at Conrad-Johnson, PSE, and Rogue that all offer an HT pass-through feature--much better than having to mess with matching volume levels and having another volume control in the circuit, especially if other people use your system(sounds like they do).

You might also consider the McCormack RLD-1 which is solid state but exhibits a very tube-like smoothness that may provide what you're looking for, and it also has the HT pass-through. If you use your system for HT a lot you might not want to go the tube route if you don't have to. Best of luck.

There are some companies that make tube pre-amps that has processor loops.

These processor loops direct the selection of what feeds your left and right front only. The source selected from the pre-amp or it sends the signal from your processor to the front left and right when the processor loop in selected. It also keep the two seperated the rest of the time.

With this it allows you to have the best of both systems, without haveing to switch cables.

I had the Audio Research LS-25. The processor loop works flawlessly. It will give you the choice of Balanced or single ended in and out. You can also mix and match single ended in balanced out or Balanced in and single ended out.

When you switch to the process loop your surround processor controls the volume.

Audio Research has different Models with the processor loop so you have some price range.

I currently Have the Conrad Johnson LS-16 MK2 and it has two processor loop. If you want the processor to control the volume. Ask CJ to put a unity Gain cir. in one of the processor loops when they build it, they will gladly do that. Then just select and your HT processor has total volume control. They also have different model to choose from. However CJ is single ended only.

I liked the sound of the CJ LS-16 MK2 over the LS-25 is the only reason I switched. Both function / functioned flawlessly

It also seem to me that they improved the sound of my Lexicon MC-1 when using for DVD music video, or if feel like using the Lexicon to create 7 channel surround from two channel CD.
Just what I was looking for.

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sonic frontiers line 1-2-3 have an ssp loop, i am currently looking at setting up a HT and will use the loop. a pre out of your HT processor is necessary to use the ssp loop and your better 2 ch gear