Tube Pre, HT Pass and Balanced Output

Is anybody aware of such a piece of equipment under $3000? New or used is fine and something on the more "tubey" side in terms of warmth would be great (the CJ PV-14L2 comes to mind but its single ended out). I've tried searching the threads, but don't come up with much. Looking to improve the 2 channel portion of this HT/2 channel system. I would like to avoid debating the merits of balanced v. single ended as I already have many single ended options. Is this price even realistic?

The SF Line series fits the description with the top model, the Line-3, being outstanding. Not terribly tube-y, though.

The BAT pres should fill the bill nicely--with BAT equip you can set a specific input to unity gain.
The Aesthetix Calypso meets your criteria, I think; I've seen them in the range $3-3500 used on Audiogon,

These are "tube" preamps with HT and balanced out, not necessarily "tubey":

Audio Research LS16

Close to your $3,000 limit used:

Audio Research LS25
BAT and Aesthetix calypso.
Thanks to all for the suggestions. Keep them coming. The Calypso sounds like tube rolling is the way to go (or at least it used to be). Is this still the case? As anybody compared the Calypso to the CJ PV14-LS2 (I know the CJ is single-ended, but I'm curious about a comparison)? Amps are JC-1's.

any thoughts on how the Mac c2200 might fit into the discussion? How does it compare to any of the others above. For reference, amps are JC-1's and speakers are B&W 803d's

Cary SLP 2002 - also nice feature is HT bypass works with preamp "off" if connected in XLR - saves tubes when in processor mode. I used to own a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE and far prefer the Cary - has the midrange Cary is known for - they can be had here at Agon in the 1100-1400 range. The upgraded oil caps are nice but not essential. YMMV as always.
I think that the Supratek Chardonnay does all of that for about $2K +HT pass-through option cost