Tube Pre for Digital Amp

I have a Carver Pro Class "t" digital amp and am wondering if anyone out there is using tubes in front, for their Bel Canto, HCA-2, Spectron amps? thanks...
I like the combination of my SF Line3 with the eVo.
Agree with the estimable Mr. Rubinson. My tubed SF Line 3 and bridged eVo2's make beautiful music together.
Audible Illusions 3 pre-amp with PS Audio HCA-2 amp has displaced my Threshold amp.
Rockhead uses a Suprtek Syrah with his Spectron... I think he really likes that combo.
KR4 & Shamburg...

Im sure this pertains to Dmason's question also.
I know it will would be pretty cheap to buy a used
tubed pre and try it out but im intrested to hear
your opinions...

By putting tubes in front of the EVO/S did you lose anything as far as detail, speed...ect. The analogy im thinking would be like putting a 50 lb sand bag on the back of the finest tuned athlete... for instance a Barry Sanders if you havent seen him run(im sure you have) he's the perfect balance of quickness, speed, peripheral vision, dynamic power and grace. Stop and start on a dime and give you change back.. cha-ching!
I would say that is exactly how i would describe my EVO6.
Would one lose any of that?

Hey Voodoochile:

Good question. Personally, I've always favored tubed pre-amps for what they deliver in terms of spatiality and bloom. Coupled with a detailed, fast, and muscular amplifier like the eVos–and you get sounds that's detailed and smooth with being etched.

But: I've heard the Bel Canto PRE (which is solid state) makes a great match with the eVos.

Thanks for reply... I think i will give the tub-pre
a shot can always put SS back in. If its workin for
you guys it should work for me.

Im happy already but as you know the quest is never

Good question, Voodoochile. However, one reason I like the SF is that it is not tube-y. It is tight, clean and honest. It may not be perfect (what is?) but it does not compromise the eVo.
KR4.. Thanks.
Thanks to all for your input; I have auditioned several high quality tube pre's, and as mentioned above, the added dynamics to a fast, agile amp is really the best of both worlds, in my opinion. I think it is well worth the effort, and further, i think that tube preæs might actually work best with digital amps. Dan


We chose the Consonance Reference tube pre after comparing based on design, performance and reliability. Great match with digital amps.
I own the Spectron Musician 1 amp and have just found
the magic tube pre amp. It's not even known yet as
far as I know, but it is a Eastern Electric Mini Max.
It can be found at Galen Carol Audio, but sure who else
carries it at this time.

It sounds so dang good, I now have to live without a remote
which I would not believe I could ever do, but I guess
I have to get used to it now. I do not want to sacrifice
the magic I have now found.
I have a BC-21 tube pre in front of the PS Audio HCA-2 and the sound is very musical. Best of both worlds in my opinion.
It would seem that for those who are listening to digital amps with tubes in front, the phrase, "best of both worlds," would apply. -Dan
The website I just recieved:

Pretty much echoes my thoughts on the one review, I'm
sure we will be hearing more in the near futute.

Match made in heaven with
my Spectron amp & Audio Note 2.1x CDP.
How about ARC preamps?
How do they sound like in front of evos?