Tube Pre, budget $1K?

I am new to this.

Any thoughts on a good tube preamp with a phono section for under $1000?

I have a McIntosh 2100 and an AR turntable modified by George Merrill. My cartridge is is an AT MC.
Check out Van Alstine Tubes units Very good used Best Value
between $350 and $500. Super PAS 3si, Super Pas 3 Very Good Value(modified Dynaco)Trancendence models too from $450 to $1000.

Quicksilver Audio warm, romantic and some detail
Audio Research SP9 and other models Accurate and detailed
Conrad johnson PV 7, PV8 very good value and PV9 excellent value and great phono stages.

Conrad Johnson Solid State Units Model 1 and 2 some with phono some are only line stages

Counterpoint 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 and the previous models have excellent phono stages but all sound very good and improve with the higher model numbers.

Audible Illusions nice but I still say overated....
I haven't heard the L1 (line stage and Modulus 3 yet in my own system.

The Eastern Electric model Make sure on or near the model tag on the bottom and it has TT on it. It will be written in "sharpie" That one has been upgraded with the Signature mods as some call it and it sounds much better than the stock model.
This is just a few that I know sound really good. The Easten Electric does not have a phono stage.

But all are very good choices if you find them in your budget. Be prepared to retube any preamp you buy. Check out Jim McShane just google him.
You can get a Bottlehead Foreplay kit (line stage) and Seduction (phono stage) as a package deal for $684. Both of these units have a cult following for being over-achievers. A good forum to check out: best bang for the buck tube preamp?
Counterpoint SA-3000 with Phono MM or MC

Or look for a used Audio Research SP-9
there's one for sale (auction) here now.
check out AES (Audio Electric Supply) by Cary!
The Counterpoint is an excellent suggestion. Don't miss it.
You might consider relaxing your requirement for a phono stage, because you can add an external phono preamp for a couple hundred dollars and buy yourself much more flexibility.

I've owned several tube preamps under $1000. IMHO, the Marsh P2000t is the best bang for the buck. It has just the right amount of warmth, but is also clear, transparent, and dynamic. It's a steal for half of your max budget used. The Audio Mirror T-61 is a great preamp (around $700 used) that has a nice warm sound with good, solid bass. (Disclaimer: I might be selling mine soon.) The Cary SLP-88 is warm and round, but weak on bass (at least with stock 6SN7 tubes). I've also heard Consonance tube preamps that sounded good for the price.

Second a Counterpoint,good luck,Bob
I was also on the run for a $1k tube pre until someone recommended me the Lector Zoe. Lector who i asked - thats not the usual suspect (cary/CJ/ARC etc.). I gave it a try and my system got upgraded by a few notches since.