tube pre and solid state amp ?

I am considering matching my McCormack dna o.5 amp with a tube pre amp if anyone has any input on this I would appreciate your insights. What I am wondering about is am I able to have the best of both worlds solid and tight low end with a smooth and liquid mid range and treble.
That is a great amp that you have there ! I originally had a B&K EX442 Sonata amp with an Anthem PRE 1L tube pre amp and IT worked out very well.I now have a Bryston 3BST with a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature hybrid pre-amp,and while the PRE-1L had great detail and range for a tube pre-amp,the SFL-1 had the obvious edge through a-b ing.Allways audition in your system with a loaner component before buying.For some this is not possible and one time I actually dragged my 90# each speakers and other components into a sound room ,and yes I did set up an appointment.Good luck.
Thanks for your insights I to think it is a great amp. What really made a big improvement on the McCormack was when I isolated it with black diamond racing cones #3&4's now I use those under everything it really brings the music into focus and improves the low level resolution. thanks again.