Tube pre-amps and Krell amps

Question for Krell owners. From time to time I read various threads regarding the use of tube pre-amps with Krell amps. The owner’s manual states that the coupling capacitors be engaged before using a tube pre-amp. The only instructions in the manual are to contact your local dealer. I don’t have a local dealer. Does anyone out there know how to do it? Can I do it myself? I would hate to lug it to a repair shop, it’s too damn heavy!
If you are capable of fixing a bent fly swatter, you should be able to do this yourself. You will probly have to remove the top cover and the caps in question will be near the input jacks on the Krell. Under no circumstances should you take it to a local repair shop as they will almost certainly mishandle it in some way, while charging you a small fortune. If you call Krell, I'm sure they will tell you how to do it. Don
You should call Krell and they will tell which jumper it is for you amp. It's very easy to change. You just need to open the cover and install a small jumper across a connector. Stereophile's review of the Krell 250M mentioned the procedure and connector location.
Outstanding, I will call Krell ASAP. Thanks Elgordo and Sfstereo. I greatly appreciate your help.