Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions

Hello all. 
I am considering going to a preamp with tone controls. I know its not the purist point of view but wth it's all about what I like to hear. I have an Audio Note M6 with Phono right now, considered pretty good but I miss tweaking that bass or treble on certain recordings. My solid state gear gives me that ability and I like it.
My thoughts are a few Mac's like the C20 or C22 or the MX110.

How about up to $5k on the used market and it doesn't have to have Phono.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I use a McIntosh C2500 tube preamp with tone controls, love it.  
I have a Luxman  CL-35 III. These were manufactured in about 1975. They sound good, but not as good as the CL-38. Additionally the CL-38 has built in SUT and a remote control.

Try using to search for it.
The  Schiit Loki is an add on which costs $149. I have never heard it and am in no way associated with it. But It may be a less expensive alternative. Another alternative MAY be  a subwoofer. However that depends on your speakers . IE, my speakers have very good mids and highs but lack bass. Generally I set the subs and forget them. But every now and then I just need to tweak the lows or highs. Too much bass kills the highs. Too little bass takes away the punch. But again, my system is at a good place where it works for me. Not sure it is for everyone, especially if you are fighting too much bass as it is.
All excellent suggestions. I have several Subs I have put in and out. Don't really want to go to sub route. I have a good sub and it definitely does add to it
, I have various speakers that I can use cornwall's tannoy mg12 a few others. I know none of these speakers lack the bass when being put to them. I will look into that $149 option.
The Schiit Loki is an excellent EQ, but can only be used in a single-ended setup. It is the most transparent analogue EQ I've ever heard.