Tube pre-amp with SS Classe Amp

Please help me chosing a tube pre-amp to match with SS CA-201 driving BW 804 Nautilus speaker. Currently using SS Pre-amp CDP-50.
Depends on what your willing to spend, and if new or used. Used CAT preamps are pretty hard to beat, and can be had at the $2k range used, or thereabouts, Also, if you can find a used Sonic Frontiers Line 2 or better, they do very well also, and are aound $1200 range or more on the used market). The Audio Research LS22 i believe is also a pretty good piece for the money, and is also an older used hunt.
You may also give the much talked about Audible Illusions Mod 3A a shot, as it's a good preamp on it's own, yes, and around $1200 used or less. All these preamps are pretty much class A rated, or close. System dependancy always makes a difference, and you'll justhave to try with your gear! Good luck
Years ago I had that amp and preamp. You might consider a BAT vk3, 5, 30 etc. If your looking for a slight bit of warmth and more extended sweet highs...
Currently running an older Classe' DR-10 (125wpc) with a c-j 14LS/Mullards. Excellent combination. However, as always, you have to audition your prospective choice(s) in your system. Some combinations are more synergistic than others. Good luck.
Thank you for all your responses, I heard a lots of good things regarding BAT vk30, Sonic Frontier line 2, and CJ,but I am using XLR interconnect right now and don't want to change to RCA, I am looking for sweet sound non-fatigue listen for hours currently using CP-50 Classe pre-amp. Is SF L2, BAT Vk30 any better and in what way?
Also have anyone using the new Cary SPL-2002 tube pre-amp?
The Sonic Frontiers products due to the fact that they are DC coupled, low output impedence (for a tube product) and fully balanced are excellent companions to many solid state amplifiers sharing these design parameters (w/ corresponding low input impedences). The higher you go up in the line the more compatible these tube pre amps are to solid state amps. They are well built with nice convience features. How ever they tend to be more neutral and less euphonic than many other tube preamps in IMHO.
Check out the Cary SLP 2002. It's got everything you want and more. Make sure you get a discount. 20% seems about right.
B.A.T. VK30 is balanced, I love mine....
Have anyone compare the BAT VK30, Cary SPL-2002, and SF L2 side by side with Classe amp?
Jeffloistarca, what amp and speaker are you currently using?
I have a SLP2002 & I love. Much better than the ARC-LS25 MRK2 I tradded it for. Alsow I tried a BAT VK-30 & liked it but the soundstaging was pour & A bit to dark for me . But a vary nice preamp. I did own a AYR K-3 It was better than the ARC to.
I have a classe 201 driving Martin Logan SL3's.My pre-amp is a BAT VK 3.This pre-amp has made the sound much more liquid and relaxed,in fact She Who Must Be Obeyed has given me a 10pm curfew otherwise I could listen until midnight every night.Before I had a cp35 pre' and that was grainy,coarse and somewhat harsh.In fact I'm thinking of buying another Tube amp to drive the panels and the CA201 just for the woofers-but then I'm sure cabling will be an issue
I'm using a CJ premier 14 with Mullard tubes and a ca200 and the combo is very satisfying, using thiel 3.6's. Classe and CJ are a good combo - lots of dealers carry both lines.