Tube pre amp with phono stage and remote

I am looking for a tubed pre amp with a phono stage and remote. Looking to spend around $3000.00 give or take used.

A couple come to mind. A McIntosh C-2200, an older CAT preamp (SL1 mk III?), or a VAC Standard each of which are offered with a a MM phono stage
If you're looking for a MM/MC phono stage, look for a Supratek Syrah or a Joule Electra.

Mcintosh C-2200, 2300 Balanced
Audio research SP 16, new SP 17 SE
Mc c2200 is v nice, all AR gear is stellar, as is Cary Audio. I have the Cary SLP98P F-1 version, that fits in your budget. Also, check out the Prima Luna and Rogue offerings. You have a lot in your wheel-house in that price range.
Several of the BAT models work here. VK3ix, VK30, 31, 32se
Check the conrad johnson section; these are among the finest sounding components available.
Modwright SWLP. Been very impressed with this preamp, especially its phono section.
Forgot, the Aesthetix Calypso. Very good option to consider along with my BAT comments above...
Thanks to all for your time and knowledge-----

NAGRA PLP Very good phono, small & compact.
VAC Ren series have excellent phono stages (MM & MC), remote, HT pass thru, RCA and XLR out. Way better but 2.5 x price of Aesthetix Calypso.
Rogue Magnum 99 (retail at $3000 with phono) would be also a choice. I've had it for a half year and I really like it, even though I have not compared it to other products at similar price range.
Nagra PL-P? Hmmm-did you read the OP?

*OP asked for a remote

*OP asked for used price at +/- 3,000.00 (they're very hard to find used, and they retail for 12.5k-there is one available on A'gon right now-for 6.5k)
Cary SLP98P. I found a new one for 3,300.00 and the phono stage for MM can also be used for MC with 1.4mv output or higher. These are great preamps and there are some nice used ones on here.
Ooops. VAC Ren unlikely to be available for $3k. More likely $4.5-5K Sorry.
Audio Mirror PP1 -- Well under your budget ($1600 new, usually $750 used) with an excellent phono stage.