Tube pre-amp with parasound jc-1's

Looking for input from folks who use(have used) jc-1s with a tube pre (particular interested in any tube pre that has HT bypass). Looking to compare a tube pre to a ss option (like the jc-2) to get a sense of differences. Wanted to get some initial feed back prior to "exercising" a retailer on the in home demo (which I would like to pursue a bit more informed).
to benefit from balanced inputs(you really should) you can get used Cary SLP03

all make balanced line tube preamps.
most of tube ARC have very high gain that JC1 would not need.
Cary SLP02 mentioned seemed to be the value winner while other mentioned models could be superior in performance.
Cary also has HT bypass. Looking at specs and reviews, the Cary slp05 looks great. Seems from reviews that Cary is a bit on the warm side that could pair well with the jc-1s.
Asthetix Calypso is the tube preamp I would evaluate as an alternative to the JC-2. Has HT by-pass, balanced in & outputs, & impedance is a match with JC-1s.