Tube Pre-Amp with Low Gain

I'm looking for a tube pre-amp with low gain. So far, I've only identified the Manley Shrimp with 11.8dB. Do you know of others?
Try some of the ARC models. I know the LS-25 has switchable gain. Some of their other models have low gain too.
Joule Electra 100 or 150. However don't overlook using inline attenuators on a higher gain preamp (or source).
There are a few with adjustable gain. I believe at least one Blue Circle pre has that via an internal switch. The Wright Sound AG1500 I own has a two position switch in back. Either would be excellent choices as a pre in many applications. You may want to list the rest of your system and why you are looking in that direction to get more focused input from others.


Any Blue Circle preamp that has the Shallco stepped attenuator has a gain switch (internal). On the BC3/BC3000, the high gain position gives you 23.5db, and I believe the low gain position gives you 11db.

(note: I'm a Blue Circle dealer)
The Canary CA-800 and CA-880 both give 9 db. I can vouch for the quality of Canary products overall - I use their 801 preamp and 339 amps. Both are terrific.
The deHavilland UltraVerve at 12db is an excellent one to check out. It did wonders for my system.

I believe the ARC SP-16 has about 12 db.
The old Audible Illusions L-1 linestage has dual adjustable gain controls (knobs on the front)in addition to the volume control. Nice tube pre that utilizes two 6922 tubes. They go for around $500-600 on A'gon.