Tube pre amp with 2 outputs for Biamping

Im looking for some brand names of tube preamps that have 2 outputs so i can biamp my speakers. I do Not want to use a Y adapter. I want two seperate outputs, one for each amp.
Looking for something in a resonable price range, would also consider solid state but tube would be the first choice.
Sonice Frontiers Line 1, can't lose...
The Hovland HP-100 has two set of outputs. There are a few used available. If you are into vinyl with the phono section included, it becomes a good buy.

Good luck
The Jadis JP80 and, I believe, the JPL have two outputs. They can be "reasonable" (at least the JPL) in the used market.
What's the difference whether the Y connector is on the inside or the outside of the preamp?
Anthem Pre 2L is reasonable. Can usually find one for 550-650 on Audiogon. Also some Rotel units have two sets of outputs. You might want to be careful. Some of the manufacturers that use two sets of pre outs just "y" off the main pre out of their unit to get the second one. So although you won't be using a "y", the manufacturer did. (Sometimes)
My Airtight ATC1 has two sets of outputs. If you can find one used they're usually under $2k and they sound great.
Rwwear--The difference "on the inside" would be --it would have the same wire--inside-- as the rest of the wireing--With an outside Y ;we are talking one brand of cable;another brand of Y .Seldom a great thing(understated)
Audio Research Reference 1 has two outputs and I would think that the reference 2 also does.

Placette Active Linestage has 2 outputs. O.K., so it's solid state, but supposedly one of the most neutral preamps available due to its high quality volume control. Also has 30-day in-home trial. I'm considering this preamp for a biamp setup. They also have a passive preamp for less $$.
(See their ads in AS and their web site for info.).
Let me posit a conjecture: I believe that there could be a difference between using an external "Y" adapter vs. going with an internal two-output design in the possibly reduced input impedance seen by the parallel-connected single output in the latter case. In this scenario, hooking up two amps through a "Y" apdapter could increase distortion, reduce headroom, and compromise frequency response with a preamp whose output wasn't designed for it, whereas an appropriately designed dual-output preamp wouldn't suffer in driving two amplifiers. But I don't don't have the expertise to know this for certain; it would be better if someone more knowledgeable than myself could post after me confirming or refuting this.
There is no difference between splitting the signal inside or splitting it outside. And splitting an output does no harm to an audio signal. If you are concerned that the wire is different than whats in the preamp then your interconnects should be the same as the wire inside the preamp. If you can get interconnects like the wire inside your preamp then you can get Y cables like the wire inside your preamp. Or, you can do like I did and add your own parallel outputs yourself. Or get a preamp that has single ended and balanced outs and use a single ended adapter on the balanced out. By the way, you should not split a composite video signal.
The conrad johnson pv10a does not have dual output jacks.
The Blue Circle BC3/BC3000 has two outputs. Blue Circle really makes a special preamp. Have to second the Air Tight and Jadis recommendations as well(didn't know they had 2 outputs).
Actually, it may only be the older JP80s (like mine) that have the two outputs, as the website talks of only one output and four line level inputs (mine has 2 and 3). Not at all sure about my old JPL anymore; I do seem to recall my old ARC SP11 having two outputs, any owners out there who could verify that?
Hi Brad,

I tried responding to your email but it got kicked back. My C-J pv10a was the latest version (without balance control) before they updated to the current pv10b model. I do biamp occaisionally (always changing) so I wrote c-j service and asked about cost to upgrade to the series b and if it could be fitted with dual output jacks. Knut said no to the jacks and told me to use a good y cable splitter. I bought a mogami y cable from my local dealer for $20 and it seems to work fine. I don't know if your unit is an older version of the pv10 or if it had some after market mods done.

I hope this helps clarify my statement. I really love the c-j pv10a. For my system, it is easily the best buy.


Mine is an older model than yours. Enjoy!