Tube Pre-amp w/Remote under 600????

I am looking to replace my Parasound Z-pre preamplifier with a tubed based preamp that must have remote control capabilities. Please list any suggestions.

How would a tube based pre-amp sound compared to the z-pre I own now?

I am looking to pay up to $600 used on Audiogon.

See if you can stretch it to $750 and get a VTL 2.5.
You won't be disappointed. One just sold on audiogon for that in one day. Grab one fast when it comes up. They don't last long.
Not sure about remote but awhile back there was a a used Bruce Moore designed MFA for $550 and that's soemthing I'd look for if you can find another.You are looking for a very inexpensive piece for glass and the remote may be the killer to the search.If you were looking for a SS I owned an Adcom GFP-750 and thought it was EXCELLENT sounding used at $750.Very felixible with the only hesitation being build quality.For a price this low I ight think about selling my amp and getting an intergated like a Jolida etc.Good luck!
Try to locate a Golden Tube SEP-2 or SEP-3. Nice quiet pre & phono option was available for these. Hard to find & Solo Electronics/GTA is gone, but you can still get service from various tube shops still around. They are multi-featured, stage like crazy & the remote is full function. I have one but sorry I'm holding onto it.