Tube pre-amp used for around $1000?

I am considering having the "SE" upgrade done on my Line 3 pre-amp by the Sonic Frontiers factory. The upgrade is currently priced at $899 and includes:
* Tesla ECC88/6DJ8 tubes
* Gold Plated Ceramic tube sockets
* MultiCap RTX polystyrene capacitors (the best)
* Caddock & Vishay bulk foil non-inductive resistors (most neutral, tightest tolerance)
* Holco metal-film resistors (fabulous sounding)
* Kimber Silver Streak "balanced" interconnect (as premium internal hook-up wire)
* SPECIAL EDITION faceplates

Is this upgrade worth it? The new components they use look good, but I'm not sure about the Tesla tubes that are included. They might be better than the stock Sovteks, but I have a number of matched pairs of Telefunken, Siemens, Amperex and Valvo tubes (all E88CC or E188CC) that are probably better. I'm not sure that paying for tubes that I might not use if worthwhile. I have to ask them if they can do the upgrade without the tubes for a reduced price -- or should I take the tubes and re-sell them a factory matched set for the Line 3?

Any experience or thoughts you have on the SE factory upgrade and tubes for the Line 3 SE would be appreciated. Thanks!
For that money you can find somewhere a Berning TF-10 or TF-12...
"Tube pre-amp used for around $1000?" How id that title get there?!! I had typed "Sonic Frontiers Line 3 "SE" upgrade --is worth it?" for the title. Very strange. Must be a Audiogon bug somewhere. I think the response I got dealt with the title rather than the the actual content of the post. Will re-post using correct title.