Tube pre-amp used for around $1000?

Looking for a used pre-amp for a second system to go with a Kora Galaxy tube amp. Any suggestions? I've been thinking about:
Blue Circle BC21.1 (might cost a touch more than $1000, but intruiging, w/ Shallco?)
Kora Equinox (haven't seen one in a while)
Audible Illusions L-1 (or M3a, but don't need phono)
Adcom GFP-750 (clean, but sterile?)
VTL 2.5 (service issues?)
Sonic Frontiers SFl-1 sig, or spring for a Line 1 (I have a Line 3 in my main system with NOS tubes and SS amp and love it, but for the second system looking for a different sound - a touch warmer, euphonic, without sacrificing extension, clarity, detail, noise level, and soundstaging)
Compactness is a virtue (don't have alot of space in the office), I've been using a McCormack Micro Line Drive in passive mode and find that I need some gain). I don't need alot of inputs -- 2 at the most, and don't really need a remote as it will be within an arms reach of my chair.
Sounds like the BC21.1 will meet your expectations..
Hello, There is a CJ PV-12 with upgraded tubes here on the Agon for $795. It has the sound that you are looking for at less than a grand. Great piece for the money. Jim
rogue magnum 66 is in that price bracket also
I like BC and AI, but if your second system requires phono stage, try Magus C also, which sells used for $600 -- best for the money, I think.
Aronov LS-9000 tube preamp has superb, natural sound quality, and structurally designed to support heavy weight of any amp, for compact placement. If you decide to go with a single input system, then don't overlook EVS Ultimate Attenuators from, which attach directly onto amp RCA input jacks, avoiding an interconnect, and truly allowing for the most compact, and wonderful sound of your amp.
At that price point, any MFA unit.
What about a BAT VK3i ........... ??
Berning TF-10 if you can find one...I find it one of the best kept secrets...Its old, but they dont come up for sale for a reason, but they do occasionally.

6 12AT7's for the line stage and 4 12AU7's I think for the great phono section.

Also, it has a very robust power supply./
I'm not certain what you think the service issues are with VTLs 2.5, but with a very nice phono stage this is a clearly UNDER-RATED preamp! I've also heard the Rogue 66 and 99 preamps, and both are easily available line-stage or with phone in about that price range, and again, very under-rated. I think the Rogue is the best bet.