Tube Pre-amp under $1000

Any suggestions on the best tube pre-amp I could get for under $1000 that would match my ATI AT 2000 SS power amp and magnepan MG 12 speakers? I primarily listen to vinyl.
Juicy Music Peach - used. It has a selectable Lo output impedance of 90 ohms (maybe it's 80 ohms) that's ideal for solid state amps.

It's a tremendous sounding preamp for the money.

They occasionally come up used for around $700. They're $1495 new, I believe.
The Audible Illusion preamps give you good bang for the buck.
Juicy Music Peach is indeed "Juicy".
Another one worth mentioning is Mapletree Audio Line 2A SE line preamplifier and PS 2 power supply for $820 direct or $720 as a "kit". This one is "Music"
..........and Reference TVC passive preamp from Promitheusa Audio and this one is like a "Peach"
I have TAD 150 Signature tube preamp I'm considering selling since I have the upgrade bug once again. It has a very impressive line stage relative to cost. Please google TAD 150 angelfire. The phono section however is OK but nothing great. I had an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp. It offered possibly a smidge more detail than the TAD but was not that good on sound stage and NOT tube warm like. I guess it's a matter of preference. Well made though. Mine ate through tubes. I think you need to run heavy duty russian tubes to get decent tube life. Let me know if you have any interest in the TAD. I'd make a very fair price.
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I have TAD 150 Signature tube preamp I'm considering

How about paying for an ad?
I second the idea of finding a used Peach. One can roll in some NOS 6DJ8 tubes and have a preamp that can hold its own against far more expensive competition. As TVAD says, its low impedance mode can be used to drive any solid state amplifier that has a low inpput impedance. This is not true of may tube linestages and certainly not the less expensive ones.
A used Cayin 50. Sweet it is!
I have Maggies and the c-j PV-5 is just the ticket. Has a great phono stage. There's one on the 'Gon right now. No, I'm not the seller.
If you can find one that low
Keep your eyes peeled for an Audioprism Mantissa
It's well worth the search

Ming Da pre amps is another good one

Good Luck