Tube Pre amp to mate with HT processor

I have a Sunfire CGV Processor for HT but I want to add a Tube Pre-amp for 2 channel. My 2 channel amps are Canary c-160's with Martin Logans
I want to use the Tube Pre-amp also in HT chain. How will this work using a tube pre amp all the time for 2 channel and with 5 channel?
Is it better to get a seperate processor?
If the new preamp has the HT Bypass feature, you can do it although the sound will be affected. (You can decide if it is for good or ill.)

OTOH, mebbe a switch to select whether the Sunfire or the new preamp drives the Canary amps might be better for both.

I have a VTL 5.5 and it has a processor input. You have to google it and see what it says about it.I only use 2 channel.
look up "ht bypass " in the forums and this will bring up lots of info.
Yes, look up "HT Bypass" but be aware that much of what you find is not going to be accurate.