tube pre amp to match Sim audio w-3 or w-5

I have never had a tube pre-amp so I would like some input.
I do not need a phono, but I would like a remote.
I am looking for a tube pre-amp that has some warmth but is also accurate, the pre would be used with a sim audio w-3 or w-5 amp. I do like a "thick" or "dense" soundstage.
i would buying from audiogon (used) and would like to spend a max of 1500
thank you in advance
fwiw, im using a bottlehead foreplay with my sim audio i-5 integrated. it has really smoothed out, in the best possible way, what the sim delivers. i believe the sim's strength is it's amp, not it's preamp, and the foreplay, as others here have said previously, is a real giant killer. just rolled in some amperex bugle boys and my gosh, what a beautiful sound. anyways, supposedley it's real easy to build, but im lazy and bought mine preassembled. i think there's at least one for sale here for a lot less than you want to spend. might be worth a try.

good luck!
I have a W-3 and use a Sonic Frontiers Line 3- but it's a bit out of your stated price range. An SFL-2 would be an excellent second choice, and would give you exactly the attributes you mention above- good luck!
Do try the Sonic Frontiers. I used a SFL-1 for several years with a simaudio 4070. The N.E.W P3[single-ended triodes] was special on the sim also. However N.E.W. is out of business and the pre had no remote. Cary can repair them though, I've heard. Good luck.
Thanks guys, all of your feedback will be taken into consideration
I would also check out a Blue Circle pre-amp.

If you like the sonic frontiers you will like the Blue Circle.

Plus unlike sonic frontiers (which went under and got out by Paradigm) the Blue Circle stuff you can still by new with a warranty.

If you are handy with a soldering iron you should check out the "Mood Indigo" kit from Raleigh Audio on I have built Kevin's phono stage kit which uses some of the same circuit ideas and it's wonderful.
Interesting kits but I do need a is a must have in my situation
The preamp kit DOES have a remote for the volume control.
Since both the Sonic Frontiers and Blue Circle preamps were recommended, you might want to check out page 3 of this BC21 preamp review where the BC21 was compared to the SF Line-3:

Stereophile did an update review of the BC21.1 last year with further comparison to the SF Line-3, but it is not yet on their website.

SORRY! missed your budget line. I have seen the VAC Standard used at 1700.00 I know.... but the combination is intoxicating..
I second the VAC Standard LE pre w/ SimAudio amps. It's a few hundred $$$ over your budget but I agree with Echoes.
I had one for about a year mated with the Sim Titan before upgrading to the VAC Renaissance pre.