Tube pre amp suggestions for my Bryston 3BST

I'm looking to use a tube pre amp to warm up and add some dynamics to my 3BST. I'm considering a Conrad Johnson PV10B or maybe an older Sonic Frontier Line 1...
I have read a number of your discussions here that promote the use of tube pre amps with brighter SS amps. I like the idea very much, just looking for some suggestions/feedback on specific mates for my amp.
p.s. Arcam CD, PMC LB1s or Dynaudio Audience 82s.
Many people enjoy the Rogue 6 with the Bryston. There is several threads in the archives discusssing this.
Rogue Magnum 66 or if you can make the leap to a Magnum 99 you'll be in heaven. Have married 3 Rogues to 3 Bryston amps with much success!!!
I would suggest the Conrad johnson PV-10 as you mention. Very open airy and detailed with large and deep sound stage.
The brightness maybe coming fron your source versus the preamp. I never found the Brystons bright sounding but extended. I myself just changed to a better source and the improvement was far better than a preamp in my system.

Happy Listening.
audio research ls2b mkII or one of the variations.

it is alot of preamp for the money and probabley the best buy for under $1k in my opinion.

tube rolling is cheapfor the unit.

hope that helps !!!

the cj is an excellent match
Check out the Blue Circle 21.1 (Re-reviewed in Stereophile most recently). It'll tame things down and bring sound you expected to your ears. Cheers.Dave.
I was using a AES AE-3 with a 4Bst with great results, went on to a Rogue Magnum 99. You difinitely want to go the tube route; it brings out the best in the Bryston. You dont know what your missing until you throw a tube preamp into your system. Good luck and happy listening.

thanks everyone, these suggestions are very helpful !
How about a BAT VK3i? Balanced connection, tubed pre that can be had for a little over $1k?