Tube Pre-Amp / SS Power Amp for Totem Hawk /Forest


I am looking for suggestions on the Tube Pre-Amp & SS Power Amp combo for powering Totem Hawks / Totem Forest Speakers for a 2 channel set-up. I know that everyone says system synergy (correct combo of Pre/Power Amp) is needed for making the speakers sound best. My Budget is $3,500 or less. I love listening to vocals, pop, instruments, classical and light rock. I am assuming most of this fals under Mid-Range. So I am assuming sweet sounding mid-range is very preferred. I am open for pre-owned power Amps. Can you please recommend any proven systems for Totems ?

i used a musical fidelity tri vista integrated amp with my totem forests for about 18 months. a perfect match! the tri vista combines the musicality of a tube pre amp with the horsepower of a solid state amp. i would say that dollar for dollar the tri vista integrated amp is the best piece of gear i ever owned. you can get one for about 3K on the 'gon, and you will absolutely love it.
I am currently running the forest's bi-wired with a cary SLI-80 integrated tube amp. Which is 4o watts triode pure Class A in a 8ohm load which runs them really well in a mid size room. But can be switch to Ultra liner class AB mode which is 80watts into a 8ohm load. That drives them a little bit louder. I prefer
Class A which sounds like 70watts Ultra liner but much more cleaner.