Tube Pre Amp replacement for Manley Shrimp.

I'm looking for some recommendations on an upgrade to my existing pre amp. I'm currently using a Manley Shrimp and have been very happy with it up to now (great PRAT and sound stage with the right tubes). I'm currently looking for a unit that offers remote volume control and doesn't require more than 6 tubes (to keep tube rolling more cost effective). I've used a lot of different pre's in the past - Sonic Frontiers, Bryston, McCormack, and Manley - and would like some recommendations on other manufacturers. I'm a big fan of tube "warmth" and tend to lean towards the Mullard type "sound". My current gear behind the Shrimp is a Bryston 4B ST, Classe CDP 10, KEF 104/2, Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway III+ interconnects, and Harmonic Tech Pro9+ speaker cables. I'm looking to spend between $2-3 used. Would be very interested in any feedback on pairing the Bryston with an AR, Calypso, or DeHavilland.

As always - thanks for the help.

I have a Lamm LL2 delux I've been very happy with. Has 5 tubes. 2-6DJ8 2-ECC82 and. 6X4
I'm very happy with the stock tubes and have not done any tube rolling
If you're a fan of the Mullard sound, then providing the impedance match with
the Bryston 4B is good (and it should be), then the Lamm LL2 Deluxe with NOS
Mullard Blackburn tubes is awfully tough to beat, IMO. The preamp is a
chameleon and lets the sound of the tubes shine through.

Do you use the Lamm LL2? If so, what have you compared it to? Cary SLP-05?

I owned a Lamm LL2 Deluxe (now own a Lamm L2 Reference).

I compared the Lamm LL2 Deluxe, and preferred it to:
Modwright SWL9.0SE
Audio Horizons TP2.1 (with all the upgrades)
First Sound Presence Deluxe II
Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK III
Supratek Cortese
And to fine tune it even more,I have an Audio Horizons TP 2.0n
that I preferred over the following:
Aesthetix Calypso
Modwright 9.0 SE
Supratek Syrah
Cary 98L
No opinion on the Lamm LL2 but all reviewers and owners give it thumbs up.
I owned a Shrimp. I greatly prefer the Juicy Music Audio Peach to the sound of the Shrimp; just has more soul. Oh - it also has remote control and has a low imp. setting to drive low impedance (solid state) amps.
You might consider a VAC preamp. The VAC's are quality pieces that would represent a step up from your current unit. The AR is definitely not the sound you would be happy with. I compared the Shrimp and an SP16. The Shrimp had a richer, punchier delivery. I have no experience with the other preamps you mentioned.
Does anyone know how the Lamm LL2 matches up with VTL amps? I have a pair of VTL MB 185 monoblocks and I'm juggling between the LAmm and the VTL 5.5
You might consider the Audio Horizon preamp. I prefer the earlier TP 2.0n version, but slightly tweaked with upgraded output caps and Siemens cca tubes. Victor Comerchero, Joseph Chow's associate at AH has VTL monoblocks in his system and the AH preamp is a good match for him. Enjoy the music. (o:
Audio Valve Eklipse would be another pre in your price range to look at if you can find used. Highly rated by the audio press of late.
Extremely tight bass and a open natural sound. Uses 3 tubes with remote. Does take a week or so to settle in.

Joule Electra is another pre I like in this price range.