Tube Pre Amp or Tube Phono stage

Hello FriendsI have put this question, to this site before??, But did not received, the answers??I have, a solid phono stage , a JLTI , what I like about it is I can inset RCA Cartridge loading plugs, that is a good option??Howe ever, the Pre amp, and phono stage, are all solid state, I wish I can retain the bass, but shave a bit of the top, which sounds a bit edgy!!For best results, should I replace the phono stage, with Tubes, or keep the solid state Pre amp??I want a deep bass?? with sweet highs??My Phono amp is a JLTI, solid stage, with cartridge loading via RCA plug's at the rear, I'm running a Zu/Dennon 103 cartridge, It has a cartridge loading at 300 ohms, I have both RCA plug's at that loading, but it sounds bright!!I have replaced one RCA plug, rated  at 250 ohms, to try and tame things down, if I wan't more bass, Should I inserted, the 300 ohm in the red out put, or the other way around??Which comes back to my original question, for better bass, and nice highs!!Tube phono stage, or Tube pramp??Friends, I live on the far south coast of Australia, the nearest hi Fi shop, is three hours drive away!!Can some one put me on the right pathMany ThanksDavidAustralia
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Hi Davey, I don’t know the JLTI, but I think, yes, you may like a tube phono stage. I bought a used Aesthetix Io and never looked back - inserting it into my Krell s-state fact it led me to invest in tube amps also. The Aesthetix brought out the best qualities in the Krell FPB600. Something else - and smaller than the Aesthetix Io (Rhea?) - may work well in your system.

I live in Norway, also quite peripheral, and sometimes I’ve gained a lot by just jumping into it, buying on A-gon for example, even if I have no chance to listen first. You need to do your research - what do users think of the combination you are considering. For what it is worth, my two pieces of advice is, 1) yes investment in cartridge and phono preamp is essential, and 2) tubes often (or to be honest: mostly) sound better. To my ears.
Have you tried adjusting the VTA? - it can change the "warmth" of that cartridge


Regards - steve
Your post is an exhausting read.
I run my ZU/Denon DL 103 via my tube preamp and load it at 200 ohms which sounds perfect to me.  
Thanks FriendsFor your input, "tablejockey" I don't care, if it is a exhausting read, for you!!I just want to know, Tube Pre Amp, or Tube Phono stage, at the moment I'm running all solid state, I just want to shave a bit of brightness, from my system, but would like to save my bass and slam??You must remember, There is no Hi end audio shop, where I live, here on the far south coast, the nearest about three hours drive, but are very basic!!Manley home theater, so will go back to my original postTube Pre amp, or a Tube phono stage??, to address the above!!People in the know, can you advise me, also can you give me a few brands??, that would help??, I can order from the USAMany ThanksDavid SpryAustralia

IMO, a tube phono stage is where the rubber meets the road! What is your budget?
Dear @daveyonthecoast  : "  with sweet highs? ", why do you or any one needs sweet highs when live MUSIC at near field position where the recording microphones are seated never pick-up " sweet highs " ?. Makes no sense that you want it to change the kind of sound of live MUSIC. Same for that other gentleman that speaks of " warm " when live MUSIC is not warm at all.

"""   but it sounds bright!!  ""  . Good because that's the way sounds live MUSIC.

Tubes?, tubes are not for today audio demands, SS is the rigth way to go: no matters what.

Maybe what we need is to attend more often to live MUSIC events and seats at near field position and listen carefully and then come back home and listen carefully again.

Tube lovers are just that: tube lovers that just do not cares about MUSIC and how real MUSIC performs in live events. They like other " things " , certainly not MUSIC even if they think they like it.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Why do you or any one needs sweet highs when live MUSIC at near field position where the recording microphones are seated never pick-up " sweet highs"? Makes no sense that you want to change the kind of sound of live MUSIC. Same for that other gentleman that speaks of "warm" when live MUSIC is not warm at all.

What live music do you mean Raul? A live Pianist or String Quartet can be exquisitely sweet and warm. So can an entire orchestra. The ’sweet, warm’ parts of music sound sweet and warm — composers want them to: they write dolce, expressivo, an entire glossary to guide the players to the desired feeling or emotion.

I heard/saw Hendrix live in big halls (Fillmore, Lincoln Center) and in small clubs (Ondine, The Scene) and “sweet/warm” didn’t apply in either acoustic space — but that’s the nature of the music.

During the same time I heard/saw Arrau play Chopin/Beethoven at Carnegie, and the Julliard Quartet play Ravel/Debussy at Julliard, and was bathed in warmth and sweetness. It’s the nature of the music.

When I play music at home, I want the feelings the music and artists intended. Whether it’s harsh and tough, or sweet and warm, that’s what I want to hear.

What music do you listen to that has no sweetness or warmth?

You can load the denon down under a 100.  Get a tube phone which uses 6922 tubes.  Get a pre amp which uses 6sn7 tubes.  If you can find either without a cathode followers it would be a big plus.  Also maybe play with different  suts.  

That zu 103 can sing with the right set up.  Not sure which arm you are using but some extra weight on head shell is cheap and easy.  Denon 103s love heavy arms.

Maybe call Kevin at k+k audio.  He has units, kits, and I think  will custom build.

Enjoy the ride
I own both the Sutherland 20/20 and Duo on two separate systems. Can't be happier, quiet and dynamic. No need for tubes. 
Maybe try a cheap/ inexpensive tube buffer stage...

ThanksEveryoneI'm still in the dark??I want a deep bass, and a sweet sounds, with out a sub, so back to basic's??Tube phono stage, if not, a tube preamp, I mean, is it to hard, for some one, to recommend Brands, etc, I wish I can shave a bit of the harshness, on the top, but whish, to have deep bass??Many Thanks
Davey I'll second tomwh you want to get a tube phono stage. A 6922 base unit like some of the older ARC units will have tight bass and extended highs leaning more towards the SS side of things. A 12AX7 based unit will give you warmer bass and softer highs which sounds like what you want. There are dozens on the Market.