Tube Pre Amp Help McIntosh C2200?

I am looking for a new tube pre amp for my system and have been considering the McIntosh C2200. I currently have a Manley Shrimp in my system and am very happy with the sound - but now need a unit with remote volume. I've used a Bryston BP-25, McCormack, and Sonic Frontiers Line 2 in the past, and feel the Manley was a better match to my system. I currently have the Manley paired with a Bryston 4B ST, Classe CDP 10, KEF 104/2's, and all Harmonic Tech cabling. Can anyone offer any recommendations for a comparable unit in the $2500-3500 range, or any insights on how the McIntosh would pair with my equipment.

As always, thanks for the help.
the c2300 has a better mc phono is more expensive retail though check ag listings which is how i got mine...either mac tube will sound much different than the shrimp I am certain, though I have never heard the shrimp.