Tube pre-amp for "ss" amp?

Ok guy's, i am convinced! I've been following discussions, for weeks, and heard good arguments for using a "tubed" pre-amp with "ss" amps. The question i have is that i own Linn Majik integrated, with amp-pre outputs. Which means i CAN use Linn, as either sole Pre-amp, or Amp only. Soo, which "combo"(if any) i should applicate? Majik as Pre-amp with tube amp? Or, Majik as amp only, with "tubed" pre-amp. I favor "detail" instead of "romance"! Thanks!
Solid state,KLYNE.Goes well with solid state or tubes.You will get the best of DETAIL and Romance.If you want a nice tube preamp I would suggest the Conrad Johnson Premier 3.You dont see too many folks selling theirs.My buddy is using the CJ with a Krell and he told me it blows away the Krell preamp.
I'd recommend a tube pre-amp, but you must determine the input impedance of the amplifier section to insure proper component matching. If the input impedance is less than 10K ohm, then many all tube pre-amps could have a problem. To minimize cable interaction and frequency linearity, ideally look for a minimum ratio of 100:1, input impedance of the amp vs. output impedance of the pre-amp. This is just a rough rule, but it may help. If possible, go with an all tube pre-amp, not a tube/ss hybrid. Goodluck.
I've been on the same search, new system with a tube/ss combo mix. I recently auditioned the Bel Canto EVo digital amp along with their new Pre1 ss pre-amp. The pair provided stunning detail all across the audio spectrum, but particular down in the bass. And it was so smooth, no ss harshness. Both are in the $2200 range. I heard subtle harmonics within single notes of Sanatana guitar solos I'd never thought could be reproduced. Now, all this said (you did say you liked detail), it was superior with electronic music, but on any acoustical (jazz/classical) a tad dry. A dash of 'romance' prehaps is not always unwarrented. After listening around I finally was tipped off to the First Sound Presence Audio delux pre-amp. A tube pre-amp that evolved out of a passive pre-amp design. Dead quiet, no tube glare to get in the way of the details, but with that breath of life which made vocals and any acoustical music (jazz-classical) come to life. Found my match.