tube pre amp for Pass Labs Aleph 30

Anybody successfully paired a tube preamp with Pass Labs Aleph 30?
Hello Otto_cm,

I don't know if you are still interested in this thread, but I recently acquired the Aleph 30. I am currently using the Manley Labs Shrimp with the amp, and I am very pleased by the results.

You may know the the amplifier as input impedance of 47k ohm, which means it shouldn't be a problem matching with most tube preamps.

I don't know about the tube preamp for Aleph 30. However, I am using Aleph 2 with Audio Research Reference II tube preamp and they are going pretty well.

I am getting ready to try a VTL 2.5, which has a pretty low output impedance for a tube pre (200 ohms). I am still waiting the VTL to arrive, but when I'm up and running, I'll report on the performance. I might also buy something a little cheaper just to mess around. Maybe an AES or something . . .